I'm very happy to announce that I will be a guest at the fabulous EMERALD CITY COMICON in lovely Seattle, WA, March 2-5, 2017! This will be my first convention in about 4 years, and only my second ECCC, the first being way back in 2005. From what I understand, the show has grown immensely in those 12 years, so I am really looking forward to coming back.

I plan on going all out with new art, prints, and goodies, and yes, I will be accepting a limited number of commissions. For all of the folks who have been asking me about conventions and commissions, this is your chance.

*9/21 UPDATE*
THE COMMISSION LIST IS NOW FULL. If you missed your chance to make a request, please keep an eye on this blog, as I may take a few more requests closer to the show if I manage to get through my current workload.

Thank you to everyone who made a request. I am thrilled with some of the inspired character choices I have received. Time to get to work!

I will be completing all commissions in my studio over the next 5 months for delivery at ECCC. Commissions can be picked up at my table in Artist Alley any day of the show. (I will post my table number once ECCC has completed their placement).

  • 9"x12" or larger (at my discretion)
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Color, tonal, or pen and ink based on what best suits the subject matter (also at my discretion)
  • Any character/subject from comics, animation, games, movies, literature, mythology, etc. Be creative with your requests. TIP: I like superheroes, but I LOVE fantasy, fairy tales, monsters, and so on.
  • $500
If you would like a commission, simply use the 'contact' page to submit your request. I'd really appreciate having a few options, so please provide a few different character requests for me to choose from. I only have so many Harley Quinns in me.

Once I receive your request, I will reply to confirm and to provide my Paypal address. I am requesting payment upfront to reserve your place on the commission list.

-Satisfaction guaranteed-
 In the unlikely event that the commission is unsatisfactory, you are free to decline it at the show and I will gladly refund your money. I'll assume you are a nut with poor taste, but I'll refund your money :)

Below is a smattering of commissions from previous shows:


alphaJames said...

Aw man! I've been waiting FOREVER for you to come back to Seattle! But I'm getting married next year so need to save up for that *sigh* Oh responsibility haha
Will you have time to do quick sketches like you did when you first came to ECCC? I know you can't do it free like you did before, but I might be able to get away with it if the price is right ;)
I still have the Wonder Woman sketch you did back in '05. It's funny cause at the time you said you never drew WW before and that it would be your first time doing so. You actually needed reference! And now you've drawn her a lot and very well!

Joshua Middleton said...

Commissions are cool and all, but saving for a wedding is probably the right call!

Because I am completing commissions ahead of time, I might have some time at the show for smaller sketches every now and then. It just depends on how busy I am and how well I am drawing on the day. Feel free to stop by my table and try your luck.

Congrats (or apologies) for owning my first WW sketch!

Craig Phillips said...

All fantastic!

Joan Borreli said...

Yeah!! See you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been trying to reach you regarding purchasing a large size print suitable for framing. If you could contact me please at Shakeshift@Yahoo.Com I'd really appreciate it. It's for a friend for a Christmas gift.


Unknown said...

please come out to the East coast again seems like forever

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