LINE convention booklet on sale now!

Good news for the folks who were looking to pick up my convention booklet of line art but couldn't make it to a show- it's on sale now in my shop. Just click the link in the sidebar to order your copy. Thanks!



Here's another gouache-painted commission I finished a month or two ago. I decided to paint out most of the line art and allow this to be more of a painting than a colored drawing, the latter of which I seem to lean toward instinctively.

Vampirella is probably a little more cheesecake than I usually do, but Frazetta painted her, so that makes it okay. The original measured somewhere around 12" x 18", I think.


Under Ivy's Spell

Thanks to everyone who made the New York Comic Con a great show. I'm just now getting back into the swing of things at home and will be following up with everybody who has contacted me about books and commissions.

Speaking of commissions, at left is a painted commission I completed recently. Nearly all of my favorite artists worked traditionally, so I sometimes wonder why I am drawn to digital color so much in my own work. Of course, after screwing up something in gouache for the millionth time with no cmd+z to lean on, I don't wonder so much.

More soon.


The Many Moods of Oa

Oa is the home planet of the Guardians, little blue folks with big heads and red robes who float around screwing up the universe and then send out Green Lanterns to fix it or make it worse or something. Here is what I came up with in Photoshop for their central location.

One major problem from an art direction perspective, with GLAS and anything Green Lantern in general, is the overabundance of green. It can be difficult to come up with nice color palettes when everybody and everything in the scene is glowing green. Matters were not made better with the introduction of Red Lanterns, as we now had the world's weirdest Christmas to deal with.

Anyway, I tried a few things with Oa. Some were just different times of day, others were different takes on the palette. I think we went with the greenest one.

    All images © Warner Brothers Animation


GLAS Pitch Posters

Drawing by Bruce Timm - Color by me   ©Warner Brothers Animation
 One of my first jobs on Green Lantern Animated Series was to help pitch the concept to the network. I was asked to create some artwork to use as posters in the pitch meeting. It started with a sketch Bruce Timm did in a Sharpie marker, which I then colored in Photoshop (image above).
©Warner Brothers Animation
I then worked up a few concepts to illustrate the scope of the proposed series. I tried to keep it loose in an attempt to match BT's original sketch- not an easy thing for me to do.

©Warner Brothers Animation
Throughout the process, I had regular notes from Bruce to help me capture the feel he was looking for. Bruce has an amazing collection of classic sci-fi pulp book covers, and we often referred to that stuff for the somewhat retro feel we were going for. We would later find out how hard it is to stop CG folks from over-rendering the hell out of stuff and piling on obnoxious textures, something that is decidedly not retro.

©Warner Brothers Animation
The posters served their purpose and the show was greenlit. We then started down the long road to actually designing everything in CG, a medium most of the crew wasn't overly fond of. My journey into madness had begun... 


Green Lantern Animated concept: Rigel Ruins

©Warner Brothers Animation

Here's a BG concept from my time as the lead designer on the Green Lantern Animated Series at Warner Brothers back in 2009/2010. I produced so much stuff it is all a blur, everything from characters to BG's to full-on CG models in ZBrush (something I had to learn on the job). It was a crazy time. I haven't looked at this stuff since I produced it, but I'm cool with a lot of it now, so I figured I'd share a few things.

I plan on expanding my galleries a bit to include more of my studio work now that most of the productions I worked on have aired. We'll see how many gems I can unearth from a pretty big pile of dirt.

It's all part of a "spring cleaning" of sorts to get any worthwhile old stuff out there and out of the way.

More soon...


A little wolf sketch just for fun. I might draw more animals.


NYCC, Line book update, and a Dejah Thoris

Hello again, folks, and sorry it has been a while. I've been busy working on lots of stuff, none of which I am going to tell you about. Ha!

I will be attending the NEW YORK COMIC CON, October 11-14!  You'll find me sitting in Artist Alley as usual, and everybody knows that's where all the action is. As soon as I have my table number, I'll post it here. I don't know if I will be taking any commissions, but I will also post those details if I decide to.

I have been getting quite a few e-mails about the "Line" book I did for SDCC 2012. My apologies to the folks I haven't gotten back to yet. Here's the scoop: I had a small stack leftover from the show, but I still need to go through and count up what is spoken for and what I have left. As soon as I do that, I will post any remainders up here to purchase. I'll try to get to it soon.

Speaking of the Line book, posted here is a drawing in the book from a commission I painted a little while ago. This is the preliminary pencil drawing.

Thanks for stopping by.


Silk Spectre Thumbs

I have tons and tons of thumbnails for many of the covers I have done over the years. They almost always start as very small (2 or 3 inches tall) sketches in my sketchbook or on loose bond paper. I often scan them and add some color in Photoshop to help sell the concept, but sometimes I just send in sketchy pencils, as in these thumbs for the Silk Spectre cover I did recently.

This collection of 8 poses is what I sent to DC to pick from, and we wound up with number 7 as the first choice, with 8 as an alternate if I preferred. I stuck with 7 and turned in the finished cover a few days later.


Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre

Now that it has been made public on the DC Comics blog, I figured I would share my cover for Silk Spectre issue 2, part of DC Comics' Before Watchmen line.

As usual, this was drawn in pencil and colored in Photoshop.


Another one from Wondercon

Here is another commission from Wondercon 2012. The request was to recreate a sketch I did a while back, so I took the opportunity to refine it a little while trying not to stray too far from the feel of the original. Drawn in pencil on 11" x 17" bristol with ink for the gray tones.


Post-Wondercon Post

Thank you to everyone who managed to attend Wondercon 2012 and stopped by my table in Artist Alley. The show was a success with great crowds everyday, and I really enjoyed meeting so many nice people with a shared love for comics, animation, and illustration. An extra thank you to those of you who picked up commissions. Your support of my original art allows me to spend more time creating more personal work and developing my skills as an artist. Speaking of commissions, here are a couple from Wondercon with more to come. These two are both ink and colored pencil on 9"x12" watercolor paper.



An auction for the Wonder Woman issue 613 611 original cover art is up and running. Click the image to be taken to the auction.

Some folks have also contacted me about the website store I have been promising. I am happy to say I finally found the time to set it up. It will open next week with a few sketches and a print or two to get started. After that, I will try to keep it stocked with at least a few pieces of art.

I'm going to try to offer items at all different price points in the shop, so hopefully interested parties can find something without having to break the bank. Of course, there will be a few bank-breakers, too, for you big-spenders out there. I certainly wouldn't want to exclude you folks.

Finally, you may have noticed I have been doing some tweaks to the website. Hopefully, you will find it nicer to look at and easier to navigate. If anybody comes across something weird or broken, please let me know.
The most significant change is probably to the galleries, which should be easier to navigate and include more images. Most of the art is not new, but is stuff that was missing. I added all of the sequential pages from the old Sky Between Branches issue 0 to the Comic Book Interiors section, and restored the Book Covers section, which also features a few images I hadn't posted previously. The Comic Book Covers section features one previously-unseen Batman cover (bottom row, second from the left).

As always, thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE: Correction: This cover was published as issue 611, not 613.