Here's another gouache-painted commission I finished a month or two ago. I decided to paint out most of the line art and allow this to be more of a painting than a colored drawing, the latter of which I seem to lean toward instinctively.

Vampirella is probably a little more cheesecake than I usually do, but Frazetta painted her, so that makes it okay. The original measured somewhere around 12" x 18", I think.


Under Ivy's Spell

Thanks to everyone who made the New York Comic Con a great show. I'm just now getting back into the swing of things at home and will be following up with everybody who has contacted me about books and commissions.

Speaking of commissions, at left is a painted commission I completed recently. Nearly all of my favorite artists worked traditionally, so I sometimes wonder why I am drawn to digital color so much in my own work. Of course, after screwing up something in gouache for the millionth time with no cmd+z to lean on, I don't wonder so much.

More soon.