Contact form fixed!

It turns out my contact form hasn't been working, possibly for quite some time. My apologies to anyone who has tried and failed to send me a message. It should be working now, so please feel free to try again. Thanks!


BATGIRL #25 original art for sale

I am now accepting offers for the BATGIRL #25 original cover art.

The image area of the painting is approximately 10"x15" (25.4cm x 38.2cm). It is a mixed media painting in pencil, ink, watercolor, and acrylic gouache on 140lb (300gsm) 100% cotton watercolor paper.

Below are a few snapshots and a more color-accurate scan.

I will be accepting offers until 8/15. Please use the contact form to make an offer or ask any questions.

Thank you!



UPDATED: I looked at this with fresh eyes and noticed that Mera's hands were a little dark, so I brightened them up and evened out her skin tone just a touch. It's going to print today, so I just made it. Whew!

The image below is now the revised version.



10"x15" (25.4cm x 38.1cm) Mixed media on paper

This is my cover for BATGIRL #25. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed an entirely different cover for this issue floating around the internet at one point, but shortly after completing that earlier version, editorial changes to the issue meant a new cover was needed.


BATMAN #50 Original cover art for sale

UPDATE: The cover has been sold.

This is the original cover art for BATMAN #50, the "wedding issue" (the comic is available exclusively through Ssalefish Comics for the collectors out there).

It is drawn in pencil, ink, and watercolor on 140lb (300gsm) 100% cotton paper. It is approximately 30cm x 40 cm (11.8" x 15.7").


To everyone who has sent me a message...

My sincerest apologies if you have sent me a message in recent weeks or months enquiring about art sales, convention appearances, commissions, or just offering a kind word, and did not receive a reply. 

I am painfully behind in my email, but even if I have yet to reply, rest assured your messages have been read and very much appreciated.

Here are brief answers to the three most common questions I receive:

Original art for sale:

I will soon be offering several covers for purchase here on the site. I appreciate everyone's interest and patience. 

Convention appearances:

I do not currently have plans to attend any conventions in 2018. If I accept an invitation somewhere, I will post the details here.


I am not currently accepting private commissions. Once again, if that changes, I'll post a notice.

Thanks again, everyone!






I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate a 'decade' cover for the momentous ACTION COMICS #1000. Even luckier for me, I was assigned the 1980s, which for me was the high-point of DC Comics design, thanks largely to the legendary José Luis García-López and his equally legendary DC Comics Style Guide.
The 1980s also produced the still unrivaled Super Powers toy line, which is where I was first introduced to Mr. García-López's perfect renditions of DC characters on the packaging. I have since learned that many of García-López's drawings were beautifully inked by Dick Giordano.
When I was offered the cover, I suggested to my editor that he just use any of García-López's Superman drawings and be done with it, but I got the job. I tried, but there was no way I was going to come up with a more classic Superman pose, so apologies and thank you to Mr. García-López.