Comic Art Live interview 3/26 at 9pm EST!

UPDATE: My appearance on Comic Art Live has been canceled. I decided it wasn't the right format and platform for me.

A better plan might be for me to do my own livestreams in which I can speak freely and in depth about my work and everything that goes into it and answer all the questions I can, if anybody is interested.

I wish the great throng of devoted fans that surely planned on watching a speedy recovery from what must be a crushing disappointment. Stay strong, I will talk about pencils another day.


Mark your calendars! I will be giving my first ever live-streamed interview with Comic Art Live on YouTube, hosted by Bill Cox on 3/26 at 9pm EST. 

Comic Art Live sprung out of the legendary Comic Art Fans art collector website, and as such, this will be all about original art. I will be showing off all sorts of originals from throughout my career and there may even be an opportunity to purchase some. I'll be talking about my process and how specific pieces were made, and whatever else folks are interested in. There is a live chat where viewers can comment and ask questions as well.

I'm really looking forward to talking shop and offering a very rare glimpse behind the scenes. This is a first, so be sure to be there!

3/26 at 9pm, EST

See you then!