Print shipping update

Just a quick note to those of you who ordered a Korra print: You should receive a shipping notice within the next day or so if you haven't already. The system (me) has been a little overwhelmed with getting the orders packed and shipped. I appreciate your patience.

I am trying out a new shipping package for the prints- a triangular box with the print loosely rolled. I have shipped flat in the past with extremely sturdy packaging and still managed to have art damaged by impact on the flat surface. I'm hoping this new solution will prevent damage.

If anyone receives a damaged print or piece of art, just send me a message and I'll make it right.

I only have 8 Korra prints left at this moment, so if you want one, I'd say now is the time.


Aquaman 1

Boy, do I love drawing nature. I admire folks who can draw mechanical things and buildings and all of that and still give it dynamic life, but try as I might, I am not one of those people. So, AQUAMAN feels like a good fit for me. I can mostly let my rulers keep collecting dust.

It turns out this will be the variant cover for issue #1, with yesterday's post being #2. #3 is currently on my drawing board and is being extremely uncooperative.



Get ready for a year of AQUAMAN covers, and twice a month at that!

Here is one of my first covers for the new series. I turned in the first two at the same time, so I am not sure if this will be for the first or second issue, but we'll find out soon enough- AQUAMAN #1 hits the shelves 6/22.


New item in the shop

I added a handful of signed LEGEND OF KORRA prints to the shop. For the folks who have been asking, now is your chance to grab one before they're gone.

More soon.


New shop!

I set up a new shop where I will eventually be offering original art, from published covers and interior pages to personal sketches, as well as prints of my work.

I have just a few pieces of original art available at the moment (the two maidens from my last post as well as this full color Supergirl) to make sure all is working well. I will be adding more art over the next few weeks.

I've added a link to the top of the page, or just click here to visit now. Thanks for looking!


Sketches on toned paper

A couple of fair maidens to try out/use up some toned paper I've had sitting around for ages.


Superman Vs. Batman covers

Superman #50 and Batman #50 feature variant covers that connect to form one image, which is what you see here. Madness Games & Comics sponsored these covers, just as they did for my DK3 variant.

After the initial sketch I wasn't sure how I would finish it, but as I got into the final I found myself drawing with an almost clinically clean ink line, completely open save for Superman's black hair, and coloring with a vibrant palette. There's probably more than enough darkness out there already, I reckon.

And while I am no expert, I believe a true Superman vs. Batman showdown would end quite quickly with Batman utterly destroyed in seconds, but that may just be my dumb logic speaking.


Catwoman 50 cover

And finally, the cover to CATWOMAN issue 50. Traditional pencil and inks, PS color (plain and simple, too, for once!)

They were posted out of order, but I am now up to date with my Catwoman covers, issues 47-52.

That's enough of her for now. I'll have something different in the next post.


Catwoman 51

And here is the cover to Catwoman #51. This issue will feature a young, pre-Catwoman Selina Kyle, when she was just starting out as a thief.

I realize I have been posting these out of numerical order, but that is how I have been drawing them thanks to some scheduling quirks.

#52 will be coming up next, and then I am going back to finish #50. I'll get them all lined up eventually!

Pencil and Photoshop as usual.


Catwoman 47

CATWOMAN #47 cover.

Drawn and colored in Photoshop over a sleepless weekend to make the deadline. Not a fun time.


Catwoman 49

Here's the cover to CATWOMAN issue 49, the third of my run.

I didn't have a lot of time to get it done initially, so an unfinished version was used for solicitation and is floating around online, which happens on occasion. Luckily, I was able to go back in and fix it up a bit before it goes to print.

More soon!


Madness Games & Comics in-store event!

From Madness Games & Comics in Plano, Texas (just north of Dallas):

Come join us for a special 3 day event with tremendous guest artists. We’ll have autograph signings on Wednesday night and Saturday during the day. Thursday night will be an “In the Industry” Art Workshop along with Portfolio Review!

Autograph Signing
Wednesday December 16, 5 pm to 9 pm

Come meet artists Joshua Middleton, Mitch Breitweiser, Elizabeth Breitweiser, and Rick Hoberg!

Art Workshop with Q&A and Portfolio Review
Thursday December 17, 5 pm to 9 pm

Join artists Joshua Middleton, Mitch Breitweiser, Elizabeth Breitweiser, and Rick Hoberg for a workshop, Q&A, and portfolio review. They’ll discuss their processes, share behind-the-scenes stories, offer insight into tools and techniques, tips on working in comics, film, and animation industries, and answer questions along the way. Following the workshop, they’ll be offering personalized critiques and advice in a portfolio review session. Portfolio reviews will be $50 for 15 minutes each with Mr. Middleton, Mr. & Mrs. Breitweiser, and Mr. Hoberg. There will be limited availability and preregistration is available in the store.

Autograph Signing
Saturday December 19, 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm

Come meet artists Joshua Middleton, Mitch Breitweiser, and Elizabeth Breitweiser for autograph signings!

About the artists:

Come meet artist JOSHUA MIDDLETON and get your books signed! In addition to providing the cover for the exclusive Madness Games & Comics DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE variant, Josh has illustrated covers for dozens of comics as well as interiors on books like NYX, SUPERMAN/SHAZAM:FIRST THUNDER, SUPERGIRL, and WONDER WOMAN. In addition to his comics work, Josh has been an art director and designer in feature film and television animation, with credits including Joss Whedon’s SERENITY, GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and season two of THE LEGEND OF KORRA.

Mitch Breitweiser has been penciling, inking, and painting his way through dozens of Marvel and Independent books and covers. His numerous works on CAPTAIN AMERICA have made him a fan favorite, not to be missed. Elizabeth Breitweiser is a colorist and cover artist. Some of her work includes OUTCAST by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, FATALE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE FADE OUT, HULK, LEGENDS of the DARK KNIGHT, and WOLVERINE.

Rick Hoberg began working in the comic industry in the mid 1970’s. He’s drawn IRON MAN, INVADERS, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, CHECKMATE, BATMAN, GREEN ARROW, and JUSTICE LEAGUE. He’s done production art/merchandise work for Lucasfilm’s Star Wars films. In addition to comic work, he’s worked at Hanna-Barbera as a storyman and animator.

All of the artists will have exclusive prints to offer.

Madness Games & Comics
3000 Custer Rd Ste #310
Plano, TX 75075


Catwoman covers

I am now the regular cover artist on DC Comics' CATWOMAN, starting with issue 47!

Seen here is the cover for issue 48, which I had to do first for scheduling purposes (I will be going back to do 47, which has already been solicited with a temporary cover).

I designed this cover to have bold text running
over Catwoman, so it isn't really complete without the lettering, but that is being handled by the talented folks at DC. I'll post the final version once the trade dress is all put together.

I'm really excited to be on this book. Gotham's shadows and crazy rogues gallery, along with Catwoman's sleek silhouette, provide a great opportunity for design and figure drawing, and the story arc I am starting on has plenty of exciting moments to capture for the covers. It should be a nice ride!