Catwoman covers

I am now the regular cover artist on DC Comics' CATWOMAN, starting with issue 47!

Seen here is the cover for issue 48, which I had to do first for scheduling purposes (I will be going back to do 47, which has already been solicited with a temporary cover).

I designed this cover to have bold text running
over Catwoman, so it isn't really complete without the lettering, but that is being handled by the talented folks at DC. I'll post the final version once the trade dress is all put together.

I'm really excited to be on this book. Gotham's shadows and crazy rogues gallery, along with Catwoman's sleek silhouette, provide a great opportunity for design and figure drawing, and the story arc I am starting on has plenty of exciting moments to capture for the covers. It should be a nice ride!



This is one of many 'retailer variant' covers for DC Comics' upcoming DARK KNIGHT 3. My cover was sponsored by Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX.

I was asked to include female characters, but I only read THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as a teenager and spared myself the sequel, so I was only familiar with the Carrie Kelly Robin. My editor suggested THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN's Wonder Woman, so that is what we have here.

Drawn by hand with Photoshop color as usual. I debated trying to paint this one traditionally, but I didn't have quite as much time as I would have liked to allow for the inevitable painting disasters and subsequent repair work, so I decided to stick with digital but to try to stay loose and not fuss over every pixel. It turned out to be a lot of fun to work on.

More soon!



This is the cover for STARBORN, the last book in The Flaxfield Quartet by Toby Forward, the first three being DRAGONBORN, FIREBORN, and DOUBLEBORN.

This one was something of a challenge in that, once again, I had to keep it in line with the previous covers stylistically, the first of which I illustrated four years ago. The rendered style I unwittingly set for this series was never really my forte, but I had to give it one more go for consistency's sake. Nowadays, I am spending most of my time working with largely flat color in order to preserve as much of my line work as possible, and this cover is basically the polar opposite of that approach.

There was almost no drawing involved. It was painted directly in Photoshop using only a few layers to isolate the characters in order to force myself not to fiddle too much with anything. The publisher wanted more and more color and magical effects as I went along, which is how I wound up with the swirly saturated palette.

So that's that.


ECCC and Padme in a meadow

Some of you may have noticed my name on the guest list for Emerald City Comic Con. I am very sorry to say I have to cancel my appearance due to scheduling/story issues with the Wonder Woman comic I have been working on. I should also mention that I am now only providing the art for the first issue of the 2-part Wonder Woman story, which isn't really a bad thing.

I'm quite disappointed to miss the convention as it has been a long time since I attended a show and I always enjoy meeting folks and talking art. I'm going to do my best to make up for it at the next show, whenever and wherever that is!

Some of you may have also noticed that I have removed the 'Gallery' page on the site. This place needs an overhaul and most of that stuff needs to go. I'll put up some good work to replace that sad graveyard as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here's a private commission of Padme Amidala I painted a while back for a good friend and avid collector of comic art and illustration. You can view some of his impressive collection here.

It is painted in gouache with a tiny bit of colored pencil here and there on the line work. I used metallic gold and silver for the frame and details on the dress, which shimmers in the light but unfortunately can not be captured in a scan. You can kind of see the effect in the second photo. The Futhork at the bottom reads "Amidala". I don't recall the dimensions, but I'm guessing it was in the 12"x18" neighborhood.


Commission enquiries

Just a quick note to the kind folks who have written to me about ECCC commissions- I am trying to make some deadlines at the moment, so my apologies for not replying as of yet. I will get back to each of you with details as soon as I get out from under this workload. Probably after the weekend. Thanks!



Here's the cover for DOUBLEBORN, the third book in the DRAGONBORN quartet published by Bloomsbury. I wound up going with the head-on shot as I thought I might after the opposing profiles on DRAGONBORN and FIREBORN. The upcoming fourth book will probably be a group shot of some kind. The digital color is a bit much for my taste (which is especially irritating since I colored it) but I overcooked the first book in the series a few years ago so I'm stuck with the style until the end.

I have some process pics of this one which I will share in a future post. The pencils were kind of nice before I went hog wild with the Photoshop.

More soon!


Wonder Woman- DC Comics' Convergence Event

It was announced today that I am drawing (and inking and coloring) two issues of Wonder Woman for DC. The issues will be on the shelves in April and May, and I will talk a bit more about it a little further down the road. For now, here is the image DC released for the promo.

As it has been misreported elsewhere on the internet (shocking!), I should point out that this is not a cover. It is in fact a single panel from a 5-panel page that appears in the first issue, and will probably be about three or four inches tall when it sees print, which is how it is meant to be seen.

I'm generally not a fan of taking panels out of context, especially when they are blown up larger than I actually drew them, but I suppose it might be better than spoiling a whole page, so there you have it.

And yes, I know that she is not wearing her tiara. To unravel that troubling mystery, one must buy the book.


The Flash 75th anniversary variant cover

The Jerry Robinson original
This was a fun one. To mark the 75th anniversary of The Flash character, DC Comics has him running through the covers of a bunch of other books. I was asked to look through all of the classic Detective Comics covers to find a good one for The Flash to run through, and we wound up with issue #67. As soon as I saw that ostrich, I knew we had a winner. Man, comics used to be some crazy fun.

So here is the original Jerry Robinson cover and my follow-up. I wanted to keep some of the classic feel of the old cover, so I played it pretty straight- pencils, inks, and relatively simple color utilizing the same palette as the original.

More soon!


Catwoman #35 Halloween variant cover

This is a variant cover for Catwoman issue 35, on shelves in October. It was fun sticking to just orange and black (and grey). My editor suggested the little devil on her shoulder. He's pretty tiny on the cover, but he was my favorite part to draw.

Pencils, inks, and Photoshop for color.


Wonder Woman - Batman 75th cover

Here's a Wonder Woman cover I completed recently as part of DC Comics' Batman 75th anniversary variants. After about a dozen misfires, I finally landed on a sketch I liked. I hadn't planned on going for an art deco feel initially, but as I worked out the thumbnail everything kept lining up in such a way that the style just sort of materialized on its own.

It was nice to break away from my usual approach to drawing and to think more about shapes than linework. In fact, I dropped out almost all of the line drawing, which I rarely do. I also tried to learn how to use the pen tool in Photoshop, which was somehow both liberating and infuriating.

More soon.


I'm alive...ALIVE!

Yes, I am still here, if anybody is still out there. Life has been quite an adventure lately, so the blog has been taking a good long nap (like Ivy in this marker piece from last year's SDCC). I'll try to wake it up soon!

UPDATE: I should add that the original Ivy piece resides with the mighty Kelvin Mao. You can see a larger scan and find more of his fine collection here.


She's alive...ALIVE!

15"x24" acrylic gouache and pencil on 300lb watercolor paper, private commission



Here is the cover to FIREBORN, the sequel to DRAGONBORN. I finished this one almost exactly one year ago, and the book still won't be on the shelves until December! Book publishers sure do plan ahead.

While I provided several different sketches, the art director liked the idea of basically mirroring the Dragonborn cover thematically and compositionally. There are four books in the series, so I was a little concerned about how I would handle the next two should I be asked to do them- I can't keep flopping the characters back and forth- but this is what we went with, so I'll have to figure it out eventually. Maybe the next one will be a straight-on shot of the main character, and the last could be a group shot. I don't know, but I would like the covers to work together somehow.

You'd think with all of that lead time we'd have a plan...

My original color sketch for this one was a bit moodier with darker shadows and the like, but the publisher wanted to keep it a bit brighter and more colorful, and asked me to avoid too much black. When I look at this now, it's a bit too "Photoshoppy" for me, but I feel that way about most of my digital colors. I still haven't found the "less is more" filter.