Powerpuff Girls #1 - Middleton exclusive variant cover!

 That's right, folks, I have an exclusive variant cover of my own, my first ever, and that cover is...


featuring Mojo Jojo. I confess that I have never seen an episode of Powerpuff Girls, but it was either this or Cheetara (from ThunderCats). I preferred the evil green monkey.

Details on how to get your hands on a copy of this future heirloom are forthcoming.



Heroes Convention 2024!

That's right, folks! I will be at the legendary Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA this coming weekend, June 14th-16th! You will find me behind tables 808-810 in the main Artist Alley.

I will have new prints, a bit of original art, and will be signing all throughout the show. CGC will be there as well, so if witnessed signatures and graded books are your thing, now is your chance.

And YES, I will be drawing! Sketches, sketch covers, remarques, commissions--I'd like to offer something for just about every budget, so please stop by my table to sign up for a drawing of your liking. I won't be able to get to every request, but I will do my very best.

If you have more than one character request, you will be able to list a few options for me to choose from. This is also a good way to increase your odds of getting a piece.

A price list for all of the above will be available at my table, but I expect the range will be from $100 all the way to $1000 (possibly more for you serious collectors out there, time permitting).

HeroesCon may be the only true comic book convention in existence, with nothing but comics creators and vendors and no other nonsense, and the guest list this year is astounding at nearly 400 artists, with many living legends amongst them.

All 280,000 sq. ft. of the Charlotte Convention Center will be packed with wall-to-wall comic book goodness. I am thrilled to be able to attend and look forward to three days of inspiring art as far as the eye can see. I hope to see you there!

For all of the details, please visit the official website:



New Champion of Shazam: Mary Marvel #1 original cover art!

UPDATE: SOLD! Thank you!

This is the original cover art for NEW CHAMPION OF SHAZAM #1.

If you enquired about this art two years ago when I drew it and I told you I did not have an original to sell...well, I was mistaken. It was in a drawer for two years.

The art is mixed media (pencil, ink, acrylic) on 100% cotton illustration board. Please note that it is slightly smaller than the typical comic board. It measures 10"x14" (25.4x35.6cm).

If anyone is still interested in purchasing this original artwork, please contact me using the link above and we can work out a deal. I can also explain how it wound up in a drawer for two years.


Comic Art Live interview 3/26 at 9pm EST!

UPDATE: My appearance on Comic Art Live has been canceled. I decided it wasn't the right format and platform for me.

A better plan might be for me to do my own livestreams in which I can speak freely and in depth about my work and everything that goes into it and answer all the questions I can, if anybody is interested.

I wish the great throng of devoted fans that surely planned on watching a speedy recovery from what must be a crushing disappointment. Stay strong, I will talk about pencils another day.


Mark your calendars! I will be giving my first ever live-streamed interview with Comic Art Live on YouTube, hosted by Bill Cox on 3/26 at 9pm EST. 

Comic Art Live sprung out of the legendary Comic Art Fans art collector website, and as such, this will be all about original art. I will be showing off all sorts of originals from throughout my career and there may even be an opportunity to purchase some. I'll be talking about my process and how specific pieces were made, and whatever else folks are interested in. There is a live chat where viewers can comment and ask questions as well.

I'm really looking forward to talking shop and offering a very rare glimpse behind the scenes. This is a first, so be sure to be there!

3/26 at 9pm, EST

See you then!


Original fine art commission opportunity

UPDATE 2: The fine art commission list is full. I am no longer accepting commissions. If you missed out on this first round, there is a good chance I will reopen for a second round of commissions in about six months. Please check back here for updates. Thank you!

If you have been longing for an original fine art commission, now is your chance! All of the details can be found here.

Thank you!

Cover Gallery

I haven't had a proper gallery page online in ages, so while I work on remedying that, a decent selection of fairly recent covers can be viewed here or by clicking the image below!


Clearance sale--last four Aquaman originals


Out of the fifty Aquaman covers I produced, I only have these four originals left (not all 50 covers had originals to begin with, some were digital). Interestingly, all four were done in a more traditional comic book style of pencil and ink (maybe too traditional? They have been sitting around on a shelf for ages!).

Whatever the reason they went unsold, I'm clearing house, so I will accept any reasonable offer for one or all of them. Just use the contact link and send me an offer.



Red Sonja #3 covers

I recently started working with Dynamite Entertainment on some covers. Here is Red Sonja for issue #3, available for pre-order right now wherever you buy comics!

Folks like their variants nowadays, so I had some fun coming up with the different versions. In addition to the three versions below, there is a "virgin" version with no trade dress and a premium metal version which I am curious to see myself. More soon!

Red Sonja #3 Middleton cover regRed Sonja #3 Middleton cover retro