An auction for the Wonder Woman issue 613 611 original cover art is up and running. Click the image to be taken to the auction.

Some folks have also contacted me about the website store I have been promising. I am happy to say I finally found the time to set it up. It will open next week with a few sketches and a print or two to get started. After that, I will try to keep it stocked with at least a few pieces of art.

I'm going to try to offer items at all different price points in the shop, so hopefully interested parties can find something without having to break the bank. Of course, there will be a few bank-breakers, too, for you big-spenders out there. I certainly wouldn't want to exclude you folks.

Finally, you may have noticed I have been doing some tweaks to the website. Hopefully, you will find it nicer to look at and easier to navigate. If anybody comes across something weird or broken, please let me know.
The most significant change is probably to the galleries, which should be easier to navigate and include more images. Most of the art is not new, but is stuff that was missing. I added all of the sequential pages from the old Sky Between Branches issue 0 to the Comic Book Interiors section, and restored the Book Covers section, which also features a few images I hadn't posted previously. The Comic Book Covers section features one previously-unseen Batman cover (bottom row, second from the left).

As always, thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE: Correction: This cover was published as issue 611, not 613.