The War That Time Forgot

Here is a cover I did a little while ago for an upcoming issue of The War That Time Forgot, a DC Comics series which looks to be a lot of fun. It is nice to see a book with a classic, fantastic adventure feel to it.

Perhaps the classic feel of the book influenced my approach to the cover as well, which I drew in a more traditional "comic book" style, with spotted blacks and line weights in ink (although I colorized a lot of the black while coloring in Photoshop).

I will have more work and more news soon, including some info on my new regular cover assignment for DC. Thanks as always for stopping by and having a look.



Long walk

Here is a little digital sketch done primarily with Painter, with a touch of Photoshop here and there. Once again, I was just experimenting a bit between jobs. I didn't give much thought to the composition and it is a little too symmetrical as a result, but I did make an effort to keep it simple and to stay away from making tons of global adjustments or playing around with filters, instead trying to choose the right colors and put them in the right places.

It's not spectacular, but at least it pushes Hitchcock down a notch.

As always, thanks for stopping by.