W. Scott Forbes said...

That brush work is beautiful!

Sho said...

Nice! So dynamic and well composed. Beautiful as always :)
I will have to pick up Aquaman just for the covers.

Hope you two are very well in JP, miss you guys at the conventions~!

Enjoy the delicious foods and the endless new manga supplies!


Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks Scott. That bit of brushwork was a last minute addition, mostly because I hate seeing so much dead space at the top of these covers, but DC's big logos and banners require it. It'll all be covered on the printed cover, of course!

Joshua Middleton said...

Hi Sho! It's nice to hear from you! All is well over here. I hope things are good for you in the States. I do miss attending the shows a bit, so luckily, I just agreed to come back for one in the spring- Emerald City Comic Con. Will you be there by chance?

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