Superman Vs. Batman covers

Superman #50 and Batman #50 feature variant covers that connect to form one image, which is what you see here. Madness Games & Comics sponsored these covers, just as they did for my DK3 variant.

After the initial sketch I wasn't sure how I would finish it, but as I got into the final I found myself drawing with an almost clinically clean ink line, completely open save for Superman's black hair, and coloring with a vibrant palette. There's probably more than enough darkness out there already, I reckon.

And while I am no expert, I believe a true Superman vs. Batman showdown would end quite quickly with Batman utterly destroyed in seconds, but that may just be my dumb logic speaking.


Brian said...

Based on Superman's superhuman speed and strength, any fight with a mere human should be over before it begins. But Superman is not a stone-cold killer and, consequently, always has to handle humans with kid gloves as they break so easily. this makes him hesitant in any encounter with Batman and gives Batman, also not a killer, a distinct advantage. While Superman has to be oh so careful, Batman can hit him with everything he has and then some with out having to worry about accidentally killing the guy.

Unknown said...

Supermans weakness a Radioactive Alien Rock
Batmans weakness nearly every Rock wich is large enough to squash a ordinary Human :)
Just kiddin I love both of them.

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