This is one of many 'retailer variant' covers for DC Comics' upcoming DARK KNIGHT 3. My cover was sponsored by Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX.

I was asked to include female characters, but I only read THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as a teenager and spared myself the sequel, so I was only familiar with the Carrie Kelly Robin. My editor suggested THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN's Wonder Woman, so that is what we have here.

Drawn by hand with Photoshop color as usual. I debated trying to paint this one traditionally, but I didn't have quite as much time as I would have liked to allow for the inevitable painting disasters and subsequent repair work, so I decided to stick with digital but to try to stay loose and not fuss over every pixel. It turned out to be a lot of fun to work on.

More soon!


meefoonay said...

Love it! I like how it's kept the original feel of TDKR.

john h. said...

GREAT to see something new !!!

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, guys!

Meefoonay- I think it comes down to the colors. TDKR is generally a very colorful book, and not at all like the nearly monochromatic, muddy Batman stuff out there nowadays, despite being the primary influence for most of that stuff. It seems like folks have somehow confused the dark tone of the book with literally dark colors.

John H- I just started another regular cover job for DC, so there will at least be something new every month!

W. Scott Forbes said...

Fantastic work, Josh! I love how you popped Wonder Woman's eyes along with the FX painting/treatment to really help separate the 3 of them. Glad to hear you are back on a monthly too!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This is really great. Great to see other people handle these characters with some color.

hamletprimeiro said...

Beautiful work Josh. I like Frank's design of Diana at THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN(I know a lot of people dislikes it), but this version of Wonder Woman never seemed so beautiful and mesmerizing.

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