Wonder Woman- DC Comics' Convergence Event

It was announced today that I am drawing (and inking and coloring) two issues of Wonder Woman for DC. The issues will be on the shelves in April and May, and I will talk a bit more about it a little further down the road. For now, here is the image DC released for the promo.

As it has been misreported elsewhere on the internet (shocking!), I should point out that this is not a cover. It is in fact a single panel from a 5-panel page that appears in the first issue, and will probably be about three or four inches tall when it sees print, which is how it is meant to be seen.

I'm generally not a fan of taking panels out of context, especially when they are blown up larger than I actually drew them, but I suppose it might be better than spoiling a whole page, so there you have it.

And yes, I know that she is not wearing her tiara. To unravel that troubling mystery, one must buy the book.


drop said...

Very cool.
This looks different from your usual stuff.
Er... at least how i remember your stuff.

Whatever... either way i'm looking forward to some new Middleton output.

Joshua Middleton said...


The art looks a little different than usual mostly because I am using black. Typically, I have drawn in an open line style without black shadows or much rendering, but for this particular story I felt like I needed the ink. Otherwise, the drawing is about the same as usual.

In the past, I may have left the art open and added the shadows in the coloring, which produces a somewhat "cel-shaded" look, but I decided to go all-in with the black and keep the colors flat. I'm hoping it works best with the atmosphere of the story, but you will be the judge of that!

Sho said...

Awesome as always, can't wait to buy this :)

Joshua Middleton said...

Thank you, Sho! I hope you are well. Tamami says "Hi!"

nullunit said...

Nice. Inking is reminiscent of Kevin Knowlan but still very you.

Joshua Middleton said...

Wow, thanks Nullunit. I'm improvising quite a bit with the inks since it is not something I do very often, and honestly, there is no time for experimenting or refining. I'm just hoping the whole thing works once I put it all together with the color, which I am determined to keep as flat and simple as possible. We shall see...

XIII said...

So after all you only did the first issue... I'm nobody to give you advice but I think you should try again the European market, that project you had with Barbara Canepa, "Dreamland" wasn't it? Or something else but in Europe.

Also, I wish you started a facebook page.

Joshua Middleton said...

XIII- Working in the European market is still a very important goal for me. I am awed by the quality of work produced by European artists, and needless to say, the French have a remarkable tradition with their bande dessinée. I could rave for days about the quality of the European illustrators, so in many ways I consider it my challenge to produce work that is worthy of a place in that world. I am currently attempting to do that with a story I am creating on my own, and once I have completed enough to share, I plan to present it to European publishers for consideration.

While I lost contact with Barbara Canepa a few years ago, I still consider her a friend and have a great admiration for what she has accomplished with her Metamorphose line of books. The care and craftsmanship that goes into the design and publication of those books is quite obvious and I attribute that largely to Barbara and her passion and dedication to the art she loves. Someday I hope to reconnect with her as she was very supportive of me many years ago when we were attempting to work together and I was still a bit naive and inexperienced and probably tried her patience quite often.

XIII said...

Thanks for the thoughtful reply and best of luck with that Euro project.

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