The Flash 75th anniversary variant cover

The Jerry Robinson original
This was a fun one. To mark the 75th anniversary of The Flash character, DC Comics has him running through the covers of a bunch of other books. I was asked to look through all of the classic Detective Comics covers to find a good one for The Flash to run through, and we wound up with issue #67. As soon as I saw that ostrich, I knew we had a winner. Man, comics used to be some crazy fun.

So here is the original Jerry Robinson cover and my follow-up. I wanted to keep some of the classic feel of the old cover, so I played it pretty straight- pencils, inks, and relatively simple color utilizing the same palette as the original.

More soon!


Anh Dao said...

I would really love to buy this print! Is there any way possible? It's gorgeous.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, Anh, I'm glad you like the image. I have sold prints of some of my cover work over the years at conventions, but unfortunately I can't always make prints of my DC stuff because I do not own the reproduction rights.

I will have prints available in 2015, but I plan on featuring new, original images. Hopefully, something will catch your eye then.

Thanks again!

Joan Borreli said...

This is really cute. I love it.

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