Here's the cover for DOUBLEBORN, the third book in the DRAGONBORN quartet published by Bloomsbury. I wound up going with the head-on shot as I thought I might after the opposing profiles on DRAGONBORN and FIREBORN. The upcoming fourth book will probably be a group shot of some kind. The digital color is a bit much for my taste (which is especially irritating since I colored it) but I overcooked the first book in the series a few years ago so I'm stuck with the style until the end.

I have some process pics of this one which I will share in a future post. The pencils were kind of nice before I went hog wild with the Photoshop.

More soon!


W. Scott Forbes said...

This is gorgeous! It reminds me of the Struzan's 80's movie posters.

meefoonay said...

Excellent work. I actually really like the colors on this. I think it works really well.

Juan Ayala said...

Hello Josh. This is such a wonderful piece. Sadly, I've only just discovered you and your artwork. I'm looking to break into the world of comics (artist) and have been doing a lot of studying and practice trying to develop my own style in hopes to make comics my profession one day. Your art completely mesmerizes me so I will definitely be learning a lot from your work. Thank you for doing what you do.

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