GLAS Pitch Posters

Drawing by Bruce Timm - Color by me   ©Warner Brothers Animation
 One of my first jobs on Green Lantern Animated Series was to help pitch the concept to the network. I was asked to create some artwork to use as posters in the pitch meeting. It started with a sketch Bruce Timm did in a Sharpie marker, which I then colored in Photoshop (image above).
©Warner Brothers Animation
I then worked up a few concepts to illustrate the scope of the proposed series. I tried to keep it loose in an attempt to match BT's original sketch- not an easy thing for me to do.

©Warner Brothers Animation
Throughout the process, I had regular notes from Bruce to help me capture the feel he was looking for. Bruce has an amazing collection of classic sci-fi pulp book covers, and we often referred to that stuff for the somewhat retro feel we were going for. We would later find out how hard it is to stop CG folks from over-rendering the hell out of stuff and piling on obnoxious textures, something that is decidedly not retro.

©Warner Brothers Animation
The posters served their purpose and the show was greenlit. We then started down the long road to actually designing everything in CG, a medium most of the crew wasn't overly fond of. My journey into madness had begun...