Here is a crop of a page from one of my sketchbooks. I have built up a few sketchbooks filled with mostly little headshots and style explorations, but haven't bothered scanning anything mainly because it is kind of a pain and also because most of the drawings are pretty weak.
Recently, however, I wanted to do some coloring and found that I didn't have much to work with, so I flipped through the books and tried to pick out the more scan-worthy stuff to fool around with in color, including the cheeky elf seen here. I'll try to post some more of these soon. I'll also see if I have drawn a girl with a shirt on...

I should also mention that I left Nickelodeon a couple of weeks ago. It was a great experience and the crew is a remarkable group of people, but it was time for me to move along. I can't say much about Legend of Korra, but I am certain that fans of the original Avatar series will be very pleased.

So I am back in the wild. It was nice to have the relative security of "in-house" for a couple of years, but I don't think I'll be going back. In fact, I think I will go deeper into the wilderness than ever before. Don't worry, I will keep my internet connection and will post the results of my expedition.


meefoonay said...

Good to see you back! The whole family is looking forward to the Legend Of Korra, I'll be looking for your mark on the series.

Looking forward to more work in the future!


BluePrint said...

Really cant wait to see more of your stuff, its really amazing.

devilmonkey said...

Does that mean you'll have to some time to explore some *ahem* Sky Between Branches..? Please say yes. :)

Craig Phillips said...

Yes! More sky between branches and more of the stuff you really want to create makes us all happy!

D said...

I love how Legend of Korra looks. You should do a Kickstarter for Sky Between Branches (or whatever you want to do).

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