Green Lantern Animated concept: Rigel Ruins

©Warner Brothers Animation

Here's a BG concept from my time as the lead designer on the Green Lantern Animated Series at Warner Brothers back in 2009/2010. I produced so much stuff it is all a blur, everything from characters to BG's to full-on CG models in ZBrush (something I had to learn on the job). It was a crazy time. I haven't looked at this stuff since I produced it, but I'm cool with a lot of it now, so I figured I'd share a few things.

I plan on expanding my galleries a bit to include more of my studio work now that most of the productions I worked on have aired. We'll see how many gems I can unearth from a pretty big pile of dirt.

It's all part of a "spring cleaning" of sorts to get any worthwhile old stuff out there and out of the way.

More soon...


devilmonkey said...

Very nice!
Looking forward to seeing more!

yating sun said...

love the nice shape! may I ask how you design your shape? they looks full of aesthetic feeling!

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks for the comments.

About the shapes: This concept was created digitally in Photoshop. I started with big, simple blocks of color and cut away at it to find the shapes. I then just kept refining and modeling to bring out the forms.

It's amazing how much can happen if you allow yourself to draw freely and let the objects reveal themselves to you. You need to just get something happening on the page, and you will start to see shapes and make connections.

yating sun said...

it's a very great way I have never try! I have only used some shape brush,combine or cut off.
It's strange sometimes i will seen some very beautiful pattern or shape on floor, I guess it's the same way our eye can pick nice shape naturally, thanks for sharing! very helpful!

Joshua Middleton said...

Yating, seeing patterns on the floor or in clouds is exactly the sort of thing I am talking about. You need to just get something down on paper and allow it to speak for itself. The art is then refining it.

Nature is really chaotic and there is beauty in it everywhere. By sketching very freely and not being afraid to make a mess, you are allowing nature to happen right on your page. I often look at a tree and say, "I would never think to draw the branches like that!", so it is helpful to stop thinking some times!

Of course, it is much easier said than done- I still struggle a lot with trying to loosen up and just let things happen. The key for me is to remember that I can always clean up the mess later.

I checked out your work (your little fox avatar grabbed my attention) and you are on the right path. Keep it up.

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