Green Lantern Animated concept: Rigel Ruins

©Warner Brothers Animation

Here's a BG concept from my time as the lead designer on the Green Lantern Animated Series at Warner Brothers back in 2009/2010. I produced so much stuff it is all a blur, everything from characters to BG's to full-on CG models in ZBrush (something I had to learn on the job). It was a crazy time. I haven't looked at this stuff since I produced it, but I'm cool with a lot of it now, so I figured I'd share a few things.

I plan on expanding my galleries a bit to include more of my studio work now that most of the productions I worked on have aired. We'll see how many gems I can unearth from a pretty big pile of dirt.

It's all part of a "spring cleaning" of sorts to get any worthwhile old stuff out there and out of the way.

More soon...