Here are the covers for Green Arrow issues 13 and 14. I have included the issue 13 pencils and inks for those of you interested in seeing the progression. Once again, I tried to keep these fairly simple with traditional pencils, inks, and colors with more flat areas and cuts than soft edges.

I think that's enough of the superheroes. I'll post some of my own stuff next.


Craig Phillips said...

Very cool! And wonder woman was Oh so nice!
But, super heroes aren't particularly my thing either, and I am excited to see some of your own personal stuff! Does it have a fairy tale vibe to it?
Cant wait for the next post.

Bheki said...

Could your buddies in animation be rubbing off on you a bit, Josh? I'm noticing a stylistic change in your work.Ironic, since before you disappeared, your work resembled the look of animation. But make no mistake, it's still as gorgeous as ever, beautiful to behold.

Chris said...

I see some Mignola influence in the cover for 14, I think? Beautiful work!

Zac Dozier said...

The Green Lantern covers are really neat. They're a lot different than your other DC covers.

Claudio Cerri said...

All your works are wonderful. Cooool!!

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that was lovely art nice to see them,, though I am not hardcore fan,, but this time your art touch my heart,,

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