San Francisco Comic Con sketches and commissions

My apologies for not posting about this sooner, but I've been working like crazy meeting deadlines and preparing for the show. I did not have the time to do any pre-show commissions this time around, but I plan on drawing as much as I can at the con, God have mercy on my drawing hand.

I've had a lot of inquiries about commissions, sketches, sketch covers, CGC signatures, etc, and I am working out a sketch policy/price list now and will have it posted on my table in Artist Alley. I'm going to offer a few different options so that I can draw for as many people as possible.

I will have four different gallery-quality prints available (A3, 100% cotton paper, archival inks) and a portfolio packed with original art. 

I very much appreciate everyone's interest and look forward to meeting you all next weekend.

See you soon!