Catwoman covers

I am now the regular cover artist on DC Comics' CATWOMAN, starting with issue 47!

Seen here is the cover for issue 48, which I had to do first for scheduling purposes (I will be going back to do 47, which has already been solicited with a temporary cover).

I designed this cover to have bold text running
over Catwoman, so it isn't really complete without the lettering, but that is being handled by the talented folks at DC. I'll post the final version once the trade dress is all put together.

I'm really excited to be on this book. Gotham's shadows and crazy rogues gallery, along with Catwoman's sleek silhouette, provide a great opportunity for design and figure drawing, and the story arc I am starting on has plenty of exciting moments to capture for the covers. It should be a nice ride!


Chiya said...

Great news!!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!


P.H.Valadares said...

Always impressive, Joshua. Much love and respect for you. Good luck on this new project.

XIII said...

What's going on with the cover of issue #50? The one they're showing in the solicitations is the same one they already used for issue #47.

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