Once again, it has been too long since my last post. That means I've been working too much on stuff I can't share and not drawing anything new that I can share. Well, I have to move that Dragonborn post down the page somehow, so here are a couple of sketches I came up with a while back but never finished.

I drew the Berry Faery several months ago. I remember feeling kind of down one evening when I was struggling to draw, so I abandoned whatever it was I was working on and picked up a new sheet of paper and sketched out the figure on this sketch without much thinking. To my surprise, she looked pretty good, so I quickly snapped a photo of the page with my iMac (didn't feel like messing with the scanner) and sketched in the rest of the concept digitally. I was all fired up to finish it when I hit a wall- I couldn't decide if I should attempt to paint the final piece traditionally (my initial instinct) or to just do my usual digital thing. I put it on the back burner and eventually abandoned it.

The Medusa was another misfire. The idea for a Medusa portrait just popped in my head one day, and I could see it pretty clearly. I drew the figure in pencil without reference, thinking I would get something stylish and pushed like the image in my mind, but much to my dismay, my pencil was stuck on "realistic" and I wound up with this boring portrait of some lady. I scanned it and tried to make it work in Photoshop, but only made it worse by adding more rendering and lighting to increase the photo-realism factor. It was going even more in the wrong direction, so I had to abandon it completely. There is just no way to "stylize" something after the fact. You have to go big in the first place and whittle it down.

Perhaps given the time and motivation I will revisit these two ladies, but for now, they are living on the island of misfit drawings.

On a side note, some folks have been asking about original art sales. I am working on a new online shop and hope to have it up soon. I'm going to be selling whatever remaining comic art I have, including covers and a few interior pages, along with some sketches and the like. I'm still figuring out the print situation, but hopefully I will be able to offer some prints, too. I'll post another notice when I get closer to putting the shop online, so interested parties should stay tuned.

Thanks as always for stopping by. I'll try to come back soon.


the comics expert said...

What you call misfit...
Amazing art, as usual. I adore your nudes!
I would love to finally be able to buy some comics with your art on the inside. Will that ever happen again? What about Sky between Branches? Is that shelved indefinitely?


Scott Forbes said...

Gorgeous work as always, Josh. I particularly love how you handled the rendering in both of the pieces.

Craig Phillips said...

Very nice!!!! dammit Mr Middleton you aren't posting near enough to keep all your fans satisfied! Really cant wait to see more new work here. I love it.

Chris said...

Lovely work as always. I particularly like the shading around Medusa's belly.

While digging through old boxes at my parents' house over Thanksgiving, I found the sketch I mentioned a few months ago -- of the girl with the purple eyes and red hair -- that was one of the main inspirations behind a novel I wrote. I still think it's a beautiful piece! :)

Dominic Bugatto said...

Lovely stuff.

Ehab said...

awesome work as always. i cant help but to notice the great resemblance to Esmé Bianco. do quick google image search for Esmé Bianco and you should find similar pose and facial expression

Mirella said...

amazing!! Have a good Xmass!

clementine said...

WaaaaaaaW !
méduse est impressionnante !!!

Superhilbo! said...

I love seeing this side of your art on the blog. It is really heartening to know that even at your level of skill, you have days that you find an idea gets started but doesn't quite hit the mark with you. They are still beautiful works of art so thanks for sharing not only the idea, but the process. It's appreciated :)

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