Recent visitors may have noticed some goofy stuff going on with the website/blog, not the least of which is the fact that the blog and my main website have been combined into one main site at www.joshuamiddleton.com. I am still in the process of redesigning, so please bear with me while I clean up the place, add some new functionality, and break a bunch of stuff along the way.

The Gallery currently features my comic book covers, but will be expanding to include everything that was in the galleries on the old website, as well as some new stuff. I will post further updates as things progress.




Here are the covers for Green Arrow issues 13 and 14. I have included the issue 13 pencils and inks for those of you interested in seeing the progression. Once again, I tried to keep these fairly simple with traditional pencils, inks, and colors with more flat areas and cuts than soft edges.

I think that's enough of the superheroes. I'll post some of my own stuff next.



I'm going to keep these posts coming with another Wonder Woman. This is the regular cover of issue 614. I tried to keep the colors simpler on this one- almost without exception, I prefer very simple colors with minimal rendering, yet I often forget that when coloring my own stuff. So, I made an effort on this one to focus on the drawing and palette, and to let the colors be more graphic without a lot of fancy light or effects. It was a nice break from all of the rendering and glow of the previous cover, Wonder Woman 613 (previous post).

I few folks have asked me if these DC covers mean I am coming back to regular comics work. No, not really- I have been working in animation since the end of 2009, and on my own projects, but I was able to complete a handful of covers for DC over the last few months. Along with the two Wonder Woman covers, I did two Green Arrows and a Batman. They almost led to a regular assignment, but sorry superhero fans, turns out it was just a brief visit to the old house.

I also drew a couple of fantasy novel covers along with the DC stuff, but I can't show those quite yet. I'll post them as soon as I can.

I'm currently sketching for myself, working on a couple of larger personal pieces, and generally trying to improve my traditional technique. If I get something good, I'll be sure to share it. That's a big "if" at the moment.



So here is a shot of me working out the drawing in blue pencil. I then went over it with regular graphite, and shaded the hair and background to create a basic texture. I did not shade the face, and instead did all of the rendering while coloring in Photoshop. That's an enlarged printout of my initial thumbnail sketch on the left. You can see where I used some markers to roughly work out how I wanted to render the lighting, which I kept in mind while drawing.

Since it was such a close-up shot, I worked at a slightly smaller scale than I normally would for a comic book cover to help me deal with the proportions.

Above is the final graphite drawing. Now, I know I said I didn't shade the face, but it looked unfinished, so I went back in with additional inkwash shading after the fact, just to complete the image. The paper I used wasn't really suited for this approach, but it was fun to do nonetheless.



Just a little note to let you folks know I haven't forgotten the blog. I'll be back with some news and some new images soon. Thanks!