Meeting cover

This is the cover for the forthcoming young adult fantasy novel MEETING by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, the sequel to THRESHOLDS, from Viking Press. I finished this several months ago, but had to wait to show it until the book was announced.

Enough time has passed that I don't remember exactly what I did to end up with this, but I know that I roughed it out in pencil, inked it, and went to town in Photoshop, and maybe a little Painter. I think I may have spent a little too much time in Photoshop-ville, trying to get a magical quality which I don't know if I nailed.

I remember going back and forth with the editor about the alien/light-being girl's eyes. Originally, I had them much more alien and luminous, but they were apparently too creepy and I was asked to make them more human. I probably liked the alien eyes better, but you can't get too attached to anything.

Having to occasionally make changes for editorial reasons has actually helped me a lot in not letting any part of a drawing be too precious to erase. It's hard to face facts and erase something that's not working, especially after spending a lot of time on it, but sometimes that's the best way to move forward and get the bad drawings out of the way. I still struggle with letting go sometimes, but I'm definitely more acquainted with my trash can than I used to be.

More soon!


Scott Forbes said...

Gorgeous work! I particularly love how you handled the rendering on the skin and effects.

Ben Greene said...

I enjoyed your thoughts on the process. The image turned out great and I will definitely look for it next time I am in the bookstore!

Oskar Iglesias said...


Tasli Shaw said...

Wonderful, and most luminous indeed! I must admit, the idea of the eyes being more "blank" and less human is to my liking as well, but that is not to say that this is not an effective piece. Fantastic, galactic vibes, and glorious colour. The "light connection" coming from their hands is really fantastic, you can really see some movement there. Great energy!

On another note, I am terribly excited to find out that you will be a guest at Emerald City Comic Con! I had my fingers crossed you might be there, as you are one of my favorite artists. Can't wait til' Seattle!

wren said...

You really got the magical quality - thanks for describing your process and back and forth with the editor - we get so much more out of a piece when you give that background.

imreszabó said...

Oh god, this is marvellous. Congratulation

Nina said...

Way late in responding...wanted to thank you again for two great covers to my books. I liked the alien eyes much better, too, so big sigh there.

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

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