Vixen 5


Scott Forbes said...

This is stunning!
All the aspects compliment each other very well, I'd be interested to see the process for this piece.

I'll add it up to the site this afternoon. Again, sorry about that, I was just feeling proactive haha.

All the best,

Josh said...

Very well done, Joshua. What was the process of finishing it with traditional media? Did you print the digital colors on art paper and finish with acrylic inks and color pencils?

Thanks for sharing as usual.

haxe doku said...

awesome..i can feel the heat

Thony Silas said...


Muito rico seu trabalho e sempre novo.

joverine said...

wow that's hot...(lame pun intended)
love the lighting effects and the intensity in her eyes
ps what do you use to record the 'middleton movies' ?
I've been asking around and no answers X(

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

Stylo and cool!

james said...

Just goes to show, that traditional media still rocks!!!!
Beautiful work!!!!

Javas said...

amazing as usual!

geoffroy said...

very interesting ; how do you do ?

Xeno said...

Happy Christmas!!

anima Base said...

Very cool~~
merry christmas Joshua~

Raul Cestaro said...

Hello,Josha,thank you very much for yuor comment in to my blog,i'm very happy because i am your fan,and i like very much your works! your blog's link is present in my blog! excuse me for my english!

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