Supergirl 38

Here is the cover to Supergirl issue 38. It is drawn in ink and colored in Photoshop. It grew increasingly colorful and "glowy" as I went along. When I started out, I rendered the background character (Superwoman) in natural light, with a lot of contrast and a fair amount of detail. Unfortunately, it looked like a Sears portrait, so I kept working on it. I knew what I wanted, something atmospheric and somewhat cosmic, but for whatever reason, I kept drawing a blank on how to do it. Eventually, with a lot of constructive criticism from my wife, I stumbled onto something that worked well enough.

My wife also had me reduce the size of Supergirl's left hand, which was originally rather large, although I didn't see it as the enormous baseball mitt that my wife did. Apparently, I tend to draw overly large hands with some regularity. I have also learned that I am inclined to draw gigantic heads. My wife claims that Supergirl's noggin on the cover of issue 35, the newspaper cover, is a good example of my pumpkin-headed tendencies.

For those of you who check the comic book solicitations in the Previews catalog, you can see the earliest incarnation of this issue's cover in the solicitations. I couldn't finish it completely in time to make the catalog's deadline, so we had to go with what I had completed at that time. You can imagine your own wagon wheel and scenic backdrop.

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Carl Knox said...

Hey Joshua,

Just killer work as always man. Good to hear you wife is keeping you in check. :P god bless them.

Thanks for the inspiration kick.


tydesign said...

Sweet work Joshua. Will you post the inks? Or progressions? I'm curious to see the transformation to 'glowy'. Thanks.

Josh said...

That's what wives are for, to make us better than we were. Great piece and I love the "glowy"-ness you gave it.

Scott Forbes said...

Incredible work J

I have the same issue with drawing huge heads, but it's never noticeable in your work though.

The one on the website will be updated to the final shortly, sorry about that.

Keep up the terrific work!


Brian said...

I liked what I saw in the solicitations, but what you did with the background light effects since then is phenomenal and really takes the piece to another level.


RAWLS said...

Great work Josh!! Sounds like you've got a great wife watchin your artistic back! Very good to have.
You should come up with a character that has specifically a huge head and large hands.

Rodrigo said...

Mr Middleton:
Your art inspires me every day.

Thank you.

Paul said...

Awesome stuff :D
I think the body-head ratio of any particular person's art is just an aspect of their personal style. I can't image your work ever getting more extreme than the 5-6 to 1 region, which seems about natural to me given your mix of realism/stylism.

Javi GarcĂ­a said...

Amazing blog here!, great post of course!


mike said...


Anj said...

Just another stunner.

Great stuff here.

skiny said...

Heavenly colors! you always inspire me to try to improve my coloring!

Barbara Canepa said...

Hi Joshua !
I read your email.Thanks so much for yours thanks words for SKY DOLL in Japan !
The your new cover is very beautiful!

If you go on my blog , you will see my END'cover finally… ^__^

Michael Mercer said...

Yeah I love this one! Thanks for sharing!

Jim Thorpe said...

Beautiful work, all the way back to your first post...just amazing.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Gorgeous cover

amoorefan3 said...

your covers on supergirl are great!
a very good read with great covers is a plus!

pictsong said...

This cover is the reason why I picked up this book again. Great work.

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