Digital Hana sketch


Federico Bertolucci said...

Wow, these sketch is Wonderful!
You have used Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter?

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

fuckin' beautiful, man. the softness of it is captivating.
keep up the greatness.

Scott Forbes said...

I love how the painting comes across, where the blurred parts still suggest from and fluidity in the piece.

My favorite part is how flat you paint the flowers and the fact that they just disappear. Great job as always!


D. Robert Pease said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else has the problem I do with tablet disconnect. I thought I was the only idiot that couldn't draw on the computer. I also have looked at the Cintiq. Did you see they just came out with a smaller less expensive model (under $1k)? I'm still trying to restrain myself, because unlike you, I don't do this stuff for a living. You? Should be a no brainer IMO.

Nice work BTW.



Leprechaun_Smurf said...

Beautiful work as always!

Amanda Grazini said...


that's simply gorgeous!

mike said...

well, i think that looks pretty dang good.

Brian said...

My first reaction when I opened the page was, Wow, that's beautiful.

I then read your post and, while she didn't come out quite how you wanted, I stand by my initial reaction.

Joshm said...

Hi Joshua, This is very nice. I always love your color choices.

I have the cintiq and it is very nice, but you're doing great work as is, so no need to spend 2500 more for a new one.

Try the DS and get the R4 card and micro sd card to load the program colors on it so you can paint on the DS. I have a tutorial on my blog on how to get it started and I have a more in-depth tutorial at Ten Ton Studios forum if you need more help.

Keep up the great work!

Richard said...

d. robert's right - -there's a new Wacom touchscreen tablet out, the 12WX:

I've talked to a few users and there is still a very slight lag between moving the stylus and the screen reacting, it's something you adapt to quickly. I stuill prefer to draw with an actual pencil and am quite happy using my Intuos 3 for everything else, so I might not be the best cheerleader for this product.


Fabián Fucci said...

She looks beautiful!

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments.

This sketch was done with no less than 3 pieces of software. The initial line drawing was creating with Artrage 2.5, a remarkably inexpensive program with a basic, and very capable set of convincingly natural tools. Anyone looking to practice painting without wasting paint or making a mess is encouraged to check out the program.

But in this case, Artrage was used only for the line drawing, after which I opened the file in Painter to take advantage of some of my favorite Painter brushes to render most of the basic details. After I had gone as far as I could, or perhaps after getting bored, I finally opened the file in Photoshop to make some overall color adjustments. In the end, about 95% of the actual work was done in Painter, with the other programs serving as foundation and polish. Keep in mind that any of the programs could handle the task alone, but as I said in the post, many of my sketches are the result of experimenting with programs to learn, so I sometimes switch around for the sake of experimenting, not necessarily out of necessity.

About the Cintiqs, I found out about the new, smaller model a couple of weeks ago, and I am anxious to try one for myself. It might be the perfect solution and I am pleased by its apparent portability. Thanks for the suggestions.

More soon,


Raul Cestaro said...

WOW!!!!! Very very Beautiful Work!!! You Are One of my favorite American desiigner!

Paul said...

Awesome :) Interesting to see your work all digital... it has a lovely look to it!

I gave the Cintiq everyone's discussing a try at an event that was sponsored by Wacom.

I have to say it's nice, but suffers from a couple of problems...
first off, colour fidelity. The screen is great (and unlike a stabdard LCD has a wonderful almost 0 degree angle of unaffected viewing), but the colours looked a little washed out to me. Maybe that can be fixed with calibration though.

The second, and major thing is that because there's quite a thick piece of clear plastic between your pen, and the screen, it's like you're drawing on a window and the drawing is appearing on the other side of the glass, which feels a bit disconcerting. Having got used to using a standard intuos tablet, I think the Cintiq talkes you closer to real drawing, but is still too far away for proper 'conncetion' with what you're doing.

Colin Harris said...

Ooo, oo this is sweet!

Charming little piece. Innocence and beauty captured perfectly. Lovely colours as well.

Shawn Crystal said...

Love it! If we can get you down here, you can test drive our Cinitq lab. Thanks again for getting back to me

Barbara Canepa said...

She's very beautiful, Joshua!

BRAVO... ^_____^

Mark Behm said...

Beautifully done! Despite any disconnect you might have felt.

I've watched Dan Milligan draw on his wacom and I just can't understand how he can bridge that gap so well, but he does. Maybe if we had to draw on it all day the gap would close up.

BTW, as a tabletpc user, the gap and lag doesn't bother me. But it's irritating to others. It seems the more precise a draftsman you are, the more it seems to irritate. Scanner's still cheaper tho. :P

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

very very awesome

Gypsy Guru said...

She's just... Lovely! I found Sky Between Branches a couple years ago, made it the desktop on my iMac, and waited patiently for the rest of the series. I've just now this very evening found your site and blog and I very much look forward to perusing it more. I'm a Firefly/Serenity fan, too, so it was cool to find out you'd done some art for Dark Horse on that series. Thank you for creating such amazing art.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks again for the comments, everyone, and welcome Gypsy Guru. I am glad you found your way here. As you peruse the blog, you might want to click over to my main site, joshuamiddleton.com, where you can find some more art I produced for the Serenity film in the "Sketches and Designs" section of the gallery, towards the bottom of the page.

Sky Between Branches is still alive, and I'm sorry to keep you waiting (along with a few other folks!), but there will definitely be more. This blog will be the best place to look for updates.

All the best,


Doron Meir said...

Really nice sketch mate.

Nonie said...

Nice sketch :)

Reading your comment though, I had to chime in that I have that disconnect problem too. I got one of the smaller Cintiqs at work and though I love the size and portability of it, it gets *really* bad RF interference. Wacom themselves, when IT called support, said that it's not really intended for serious use, it's supposed to be for like, traveling presentations. They said it's not shielded as well as the more expensive Cintiqs - and mine is so bad I'm returning it and getting one of the bigger ones. It's impossible to draw a smooth line on it. Just something to consider.

I still just sketch on paper :/

Juan Pablo said...

I have a Cintiq, but I don't recommend it at all for sketching or drawing!

For sketching and coloring, I use a regular Wacom Intuos3 tablet. I only use the Cintiq for creating masks and precision stuff.

But it's not good for drawing. Technology is simply not good enough yet. I still scan my drawings.

Eloth said...

Might want to check this out:


Genevieve said...

I know I'm very late for commenting, but I first saw your work when my aunt brought home the NYX book... after finding your website, I'm amazed by all of the work you've done. It's all very beautiful!

Re: the tablet issue, if you don't want to get a Cintiq, have you considered any of the Navisis products? It's a Korean company that makes kind of a clip on transparent tablet for your monitor so you can draw directly on it; I have heard, however, that there is little to no pressure sensitivity with it. It costs <$200USD, so I thought I would mention it.

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