Elric commission

This is a real rarity: A commission. The recipient of this piece requested it long ago, back when I used to take on commissions when appearing at comic conventions. As anyone who has suffered through my waiting list at the shows can attest, even when I was taking them on, I completed precious few commissions- and not because they were so awesomely time-consuming to complete, but because I just couldn't seem to muster the enthusiasm required to draw something I was happy with. Too often, tired and loopy from the show, I would fall apart and draw some hideous thing and then scrap it and focus on finding a place to buy some cereal to enjoy back in the room (Just ask Skottie Young how hard we party with some Cocoa Pebbles. Any recovering cereal addict can tell you few things trump getting down with some ice-cold milk and some General Mills. God Damn!)

Anyway, I started a sketch for this Elric piece a long time ago, but never got around to finishing it. I was struggling to get some covers done the other night and really needed something else to do, so I decided to relax with the Elric commission and play around with some colored pencils and Prismacolor Artstix on pastel paper. The drawing wasn't all that tight, which afforded me the opportunity to experiment with the materials a bit. I hope the new owner of this drawing enjoys the result.

If I decide to take on more commissions, I will say so right here on the blog (I wouldn't hold my breath. I can almost here Cap'n Crunch calling me now. "Ahoy! How I have missed you, dear friend!")

As always, thanks for stopping by.



JRiddle said...

LOL!!! Cocoa Pebbles... funny story.
Anyway nice draw man.



D. Robert Pease said...

Elric? Elric? Why does that name bring back such emotion. White hair, elvish features, cool sword. My 40 year old mind is straining to remember. What is this from? I know I've read it.

Nice drawing BTW.

Paul said...

I think it might just be Elric from Michael Moorcock's Elric Novels?
Awesome job regardless. Lovely to see your work in different media like this :)

Scott Forbes said...

Finally, something to motivate me to finish my painting assignments. Wonderful as always Josh, it's great to see you experimenting with different medium; and if you ever did open them up; send me a line, teenagers love spending money :)

I wish you and your wife Happy Holidays!


Kate said...

Wow ...... I just love the textures that come from using those materials together. It really creates a unique atmosphere. So beautiful. The recipient will surely be over the moon :)

Leprechaun_Smurf said...

That's a beauty!! Makes me really wish you took commissions :-(

*begins holding his breath*


awesome work as always, and hopefully some day you'll find the motivation to do more commissions =)

Joshm said...

Nice work as always, Joshua. One of the things I like so much with your work is how fluid your characters look. I have the problem as I finish a piece my gestures become stiff or uninteresting.

If you ever have time to post a tutorial on how you start and finish a piece I think that would be extremely beneficial to myself and others.

Thanks for posting your work, man!


yeah, i'd like a tut too

Mimi Cortazar said...

Nice work and great tutorials :)

vincentbd/Renton said...

I love your work !!!! So beautiful !!!! Thanks !!

Brian said...

Looks like it was well worth the wait.

I know commissions are out of the question, but any chance of you including character studies, prelim or warm up sketches in your art mart?


i agree with brian, howboutit?





Chrispy said...

Yo Cap'n Crunch gone fuck yo mouth up Josh. LOL!

Reese's Puffs YO!

Im all changing the diet though, so its been Honey Nut Cherios with Strawberries in it............and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, lol.

Dope piece though.

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