Some random sketches

Here are some more oddball sketches. Nothing earth-shattering this time, but I have to keep this blog alive, damn it! Actually, I should be posting a bit more often now that my work schedule has opened up a bit (just focusing on DC covers and personal secrets for now). I'll even try to make the posts more significant than auction announcements and headshots.

Thanks for checking in.



Adam said...

I would hate to see this blog die! Love your stuff man! Keep up the great work.

Joshm said...

This top pic is very nice! I like the subtle movement in her hips and the direction in her feet that give it a very natural feel to it. Nothing oddball about it. Can't wait to see some more "earth-shattering" stuff, Joshua.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

That pirate is alive.

Renaud DECHAUX said...

You have to keep this blog alive!
I'am a french fan of your art and it's a pleasure for me to go on your blog to see what you do!
I would like to see your old sketch or you draws of nude models when you learnt to draws the human body!
That will be very cool if you can post this draws here.
Sorry for my bad english and good luck for all your jobs, have fun!

Scott Forbes said...

Head shots are fine! You could draw a stick figure and it would be worth it... wait, maybe not, but head shots are blog worthy.

Secrets, interesting. I saw those Alice sketches/drawings that were quickly removed from the blog a while ago, looking good!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us fans!

I'll be dropping you an email sometime soon!


Juampa said...


As allways!

Jaime Martinez said...

uff, simply amazing.Great job

Diantres said...

great drawings Joshua! i like specially your girls drawings
Renaud's idea is a good one, always i think.."how they can draw like this??".

Good News Gamers said...

Long time fan of your cover work here.

I was wondering if you've ever done a tutorial sort of thing about how you do your work from pencil to ink? I've always wanted to learn that light line style you used on books like NYX and to a lesser extent the picture of the girl in this post. Something about it is so attractive, quite like Milo Manara's delicate strokes. I realize that a lot of it comes down to the light palette that's common to them, but that palette is used on American Virgin's as well, and the effect is very different.

Pinflux said...

Oh, lovely! The girl in particular is wonderful :O

daly city steven said...


i check your blog almost everyday. please know that your effort and energy are GREATLY appreciated!

a fan in daly city, california,

steven lim

Dominic Bugatto said...

These are quite lovely esp the first piece.

Chris Moreno said...

If you've got a turtle head to go with that pirate head, you may have what it takes to become a commercial artist...

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