I've just returned from Pennsylvania where I was attending my sister Rachel's wedding, a lovely affair under falling leaves in crisp air by a babbling brook. While back at home, I also steered the rental car up to East Stroudsburg to pay a visit to the Frank Frazetta Museum with my brother, Gabriel. Needless to say, it was fantastic and inspiring. I was struck by the excellent contrast and palette of his paintings. Clearly, none of the countless reproductions have done them justice.

Almost as important as the museum was the second leg of the journey to Grotto Pizza in Wilkes-Barre. A staple on the Delaware boardwalk, there are naturally a couple of locations in Pennsylvania, as the state always provides an abundance of wonders for all who visit. I am happy to report that Grotto Pizza remains The Legendary Taste.

Here is the 3-page short I did for Vertigo Comics' Fables a while back. It is tragically under-drawn since it was completed entirely in Painter over very basic layouts. I hadn't intended to complete it that way, but screwed around so much that it was too late to turn back. But there you have it.



Scott Forbes said...

Yeah... I should have posted this; but I was working on 2 mid term essays TT They are up now, but we gotta talk about Joshua Middleton 1.5!

As I have said before, these are great! I love the disney/anime colors in this, it is great.

Again, I am sorry, but they are up now :)

Chris Sims said...


John H. said...

I'll still take tragically

underdrawn pieces... ;) ;) ;)

Roc said...

great work none the less. .. inspirational as always.

Dylan said...

doesn't look under drawn to me, looks lovely. There's a bit of a Miyazaki feel to the landscape on the first one.

sho said...

awww..those are so beautiful :)

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