Superman vs. Aquaman, a confrontation of mythological proportion!


Joe said...

Love it. Its like Greek mythology!!! Do you think DC will allow it to be published as-is or require full color to be added Josh?

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks Joe!

That is the finished cover, so it should go out just like that, save for the addition of the blue "Rebirth" banner across the very top (with the DC logo and issue #), and the small UPC box in the lower corner.

Now that I think about it, I missed an opportunity to "carve" a frame for the UPC box since it has to be on there. Damn!

Joe said...

Awesome thanks for reply.

Brian said...

Love the bas-relief effect and the art deco elements, especially the sun. A natural for the heroic subject matter, but I'd be willing to bet my beautiful new Middleton Supergirl - she arrived safe and sound yesterday - that no one has done this before on a comic cover.

ChadDimmack said...

I bought both covers of #6 to get this art. It's really great! Everybody I've shown it to thought it was great too.

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