Aquaman 1

Boy, do I love drawing nature. I admire folks who can draw mechanical things and buildings and all of that and still give it dynamic life, but try as I might, I am not one of those people. So, AQUAMAN feels like a good fit for me. I can mostly let my rulers keep collecting dust.

It turns out this will be the variant cover for issue #1, with yesterday's post being #2. #3 is currently on my drawing board and is being extremely uncooperative.


W. Scott Forbes said...

You are a master at giving character to nature, beautiful work as always Josh!

Anonymous said...

Stunning artwork as usual. In both covers he's giving me Bowie vibes for some reason.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, guys. I wasn't thinking of Bowie specifically when I drew this, but I was definitely going for a certain aloof, slightly alien presence I thought might befit an Atlantean king.

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