Sketch of a Ziegfeld girl with flowers


Fabián Fucci said...

Looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Seriously man, when I think you've
got to your maximum level you
suddenly comes up with something
way better than the last one.
I have no words to describe this.

BTW, my line book has just arrived.It's amazing. 100% satisfied. My family was all "whats wrong with him" when the mailman said it was an international delivery and I started dancing all over the house. It was addressed to my dad and he opened it. He was like:" How cool. Is it one of those books to paint with colored pencils?" Hahaha... It was hilarious. You should sell more things online. A sketchbook with some texts would be awesome.

Josh, you advised me to buy the book "The DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering" months ago and it has helped me a lot. A read in an interview that you didn't do any kind of course so you probably learn most of what you know from books. Can you recommend more books on drawing and painting that you think were the most helpful you used? That would help me even more.

Thanks man. God bless you and your skills.

devilmonkey said...


That's genuinely beautiful.

And if you don't mind me interjecting into the point raised by the previous poster ( Bridgman's How To Draw is what Frazetta learned from and Marcos Mateu Mestre's Framed Ink is absolute solid gold), can you please just do a 'how2draw' book? I'll pay you for mine up front if it helps. ;)

M. D. Jackson said...

Joshua, that is fantastic.

Bheki said...

Hi Joshua,

Did you lightbox at any point during the construction of this piece? It's lovely and very clean!



Brian said...

Beautiful piece and I especially like what you did with her hands, so graceful.

jelly andrews said...

Oh my! What a great talent. This is really beautiful. And I love how you convey the emotions thru her eyes. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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