Bugs and Horns

While organizing some folders this evening I stumbled upon the bats and bugs file seen here. Some of you might recall the Metamorphose poster I worked on with the inimitable Barbara Canepa a while back. I drew most of the elements separately and composited them together in Photoshop, or in the case of these bugs, sent the individual images to Barbara who then arranged them as she saw fit (making a much better poster than I was managing on my own, truth be told). In the final illustration, the bugs and bats were quite small, so I thought I would show them here.

Along with the bugs is another horned weirdo I found laying around. I don't recall when I sketched him, but I more than likely needed something quick to experiment on with some color. I don't think I learned anything on this particular session.

That's all for now.



Scott Forbes said...

Wow! You're attention to detail is incredible! Something I should pay more attention to in my work.
Can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

Eduard said...

Hello Joshua,
It doesn't matter what you're drawing you get a fully recognisable 'Middelton drawing', even while drawing bugs!
There's something unique on your "line" that gets your style so identifiable. I don't know what exactly it is, the accuracy of the inks, the loose traces of the pencils or the wonderful colours you apply, maybe the sum of it all. And then the perfectionism, the attention to the detail and the way you question yourself about the creative process. Congratulations for your work, you keep being a reference author.

Kyle Bice said...

Thanks for posting more. It's such a pleasure to see all your work but especially to see the little scribblings and behind the scene stuff.


joverine said...

pretty cool elf dude
at first glance of this post I thought you were going to describe how you get your inspiration for different horn designs with bug antenna wings etc...
thanks for that thought though
I may apply it myself :)

RAWLS said...

Awesome work Josh!! Great studies!

Roberto Zaghi said...

The bugs composition is really beautiful. Truly amazing artblog!

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