Two more Vixen covers

Here are the covers to issues 3 and 4 of DC Comics' "Vixen" limited series. We are continuing with the theme of Vixen and animals.

The one with the birds is the cover to the fourth issue. The editor requested the image, and I mentioned that I had already done something very similar with a Supergirl cover a while back (as well as a Sky between Branches image even earlier), but since the Supergirl image has yet to see print, we figured it was okay.

I drew the Vixen cover in Japan and colored it on a laptop without referencing my earlier Supergirl cover. After coming home and seeing them together, I realized they are much more similar than I had imagined.

Now that I think about it, Vixen's pose in the third cover (running with the antelope) is rather similar to a Flash cover I did a while back, too. Wow, I am apparently completely out of ideas for poses.

I've been stepping all over my own toes. I'd better move along.



Scott Forbes said...

Really liking the 4th one, also, the theme is fine, I don't see it as unoriginal, it's your thing!
I tried the crane thing in one of my pieces, haha, not as successful.
They both look great!

RAWLS said...

Josh my man! That one with Vixen running is awesome. Great sense of action in it. Nice job my friend.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

amazing covers. they just flow so naturally.

Josh said...

Nice to see you posting more often, Joshua. Great work as always.

pablo pablo said...

Amazing artworks!

Francis Vallejo said...

both are great, but the second one is terrific!! Nice work Josh!

The Black Samurai said...

The flying image is wonderful but my favorite is the running with the antelope. It's just so powerful! Awesome work!

Deo said...

Wow. Sweet stuff man! So I'm wondering when are we going to see an art of Joshua Middleton book hit the streets so I can buy like 3 copies!

francis.dollez said...

Just Waouuuuu !!!!


joverine said...

you're outta control
amazing stuff all around
I'm off to dig deeper into this blogs rabbit hole

-J.Meyer said...

Love both pieces.
I really feel like I am in the action with the running piece. The smoke is a wonderful touch.
The feeling and atmosphere in both pieces are fantastic. I really like the clouds, and the animals are lovely.

Fantastic job.

Troy said...

Stepping on your own feet? Damn that! It's looks amazing!

Anonymous said...


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