Boy, it has been a while since I posted. I apologize for the delay. I have been anxious to share some of the stuff that has been keeping me busy, but sometimes I have to wait until projects are announced before I show off artwork, and it seems everything I have been working on lately is being kept under wraps.

Luckily, DC has just released solicitation info for one of my current assignments, so I can now post some art. Above is the final cover (the cover up on Newsarama is an earlier version with a slightly different Aquaman; the color is also screwy in their JPEG) for a special issue of Outsiders. Yes, I said after Superman/Shazam that I probably wouldn't draw another superhero book, but here we are. No capes, though. Does that count?

This is a one-shot issue which takes place in the Sahara and features magic and lots of elemental battle. I'm halfway through the interiors, and things have been going pretty smoothly on this particular issue, though I always wish I could have more time to put more into the art. Having sand dunes as most of my backgrounds definitely helps, however.

As a bonus, I managed to put together a little movie of the cover process. I don't know how educational it is, but hopefully it is at least mildly interesting. This cover went through some growing pains, with Aquaman as the point of contention.

Originally, I was told that the new Aquaman is a teenager, so I drew him as such. Not surprisingly, editorial became uncomfortable with the non-stereotypical comic book proportions, so I was asked to bulk him up and add some years to his face, which is not an easy task after an image is drawn and colored. In the end, I rendered more details on his face, and thickened his neck and waist. It wasn't a perfect fix because his proportions are now a little wonky (it still looks to me like an older dude's head on a kid's body with a thick waist), but that is how it goes sometimes.

There is much more to come, so stay tuned.



Scott Forbes said...

Wow! I am glad to hear you are working on a new project, or at least one we can know about ;)

The cover is amazing! I loved the colors you used in the costumes (purple and blue reflected light).

I like the Bonus Feature as well. I find it helpful to see how artists approached cover illustrations and this is perfect!

Thanks, cannot wait to hear more!


PS Im back at being the first comment!

Sammy514 said...

Heya Josh. I've been following your career quite a while, and loving every single of it.

Really looking forward for your new project. Keep it up!

Sam, London.

Jon said...


You are drawing 2 of my favourite characters, I can't wait to see more of your Aquaman and Metamorpho.

Roc said...

Great peice,Josh. the coloring is phenominal.



hey josh,

are you going to do more vids?

i really liked the last one you did of that girl

i have it in my favs

Nerd Deluxe said...

This is a really nice pic. Can't wait to see more!

Allan Josh Mills said...

Wow, great work. Still can't get over how well you paint. I'm learning, but slow going. One of these days if you get a chance, I would love a tutorial on your process. Can't wait to see what else is coming.

tongari said...

It is amazing how you work with such a range of colour temperature and have it look so beautiful in the end. Thanks for posting the wip movie too - I've always loved the cleanliness of your images, and wondered how you managed to paint them so.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Josh.
Finally a new post!!! Like always i find your coloration very expressive. I'm in love of your artwork.


G. Willow said...

Hey Josh! I love the video. I'm glad setting the story in stress-free sand dunes made life a little easier on you. Can't wait to see the finished product.


nice additions to the blog josh!

Henry said...

very nice painting joshua, I really like it! and nice from you to add the video :)

Anna said...

hail, I am called Anna and I have known yours big cleverness and yuor marvelous style acquiring " Fusion Junction" going to the Festival international de la bande dessinèe di Angoulème..
I would be honorable if you visit may blog and you tell me thing you think about my style and of my digital coloring.
I hope to have not done many errorsd I since don't know the english,
ciao Anna..

rocio said...

Lástima que se note lo del cuerpo de joven con cara de adulto. Es notorio y se ve raro. Podrías mostrar cuál era la cara original que le habías hecho?

Ojalá puedas.

Lauren said...

Awesome! Anything with Aquaman is fine with me. Buffed out or not.

可可 said...


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