Green Arrow


saraquarelle said...

Great ! I love your work !

Scott F said...

Nice work J, I like the use of texture in this one. The eyes are very haunting. I also like the use of the bullseye effect that you have treated the picture with.

Great job! (PS I updated the design, check it out)

Roc said...

great piece...the lighting really makes this one.

Chris Sims said...

Yeah, the lighting is stellar! I see that you kept the graphic elements evident in the final illo. All around top notch job!

jacklee said...


LauraBraga said...

Hi Josh!!!
This is the best you made!!! I love the perspective of Green Arrow, and the Eyes!!! You can see the Eyes under the shadow!!! Wow!!!


colin said...

This I like a lot-- the loose quality and the texture. It has a very energetic feeling, and I think the shadows of the hood hiding the eyes gives it an ominous undercurrent.

Ha, I just thought what else it reminded me of: Prince Valiant! Sort of a wild, energetic, color version of Prince Valiant...

Please don't hurt me! ;-)

Chrispy said...

Sick piece Joshua, yo did you check out www.corenthal.blogspot.com its Cory Walker's blog, i gave you the address in LA when me and my brother were there talking to you, remember to check it out yo. PEACE!

Jon said...

The pic of Ollie is out of the world, it just looks amazing, Johsua.

Also if you don't mind me asking, How do you colour like that in photoshop?

allan said...

definitely the best of the batch so far. i agree with everyone else above - the lighting & color really make this piece.

Desiree Delgado said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Batgirls--itch said...

The fluidity of the cloak(or cowl?) and the stiffness of the bowstring are an amazing contrast.
The dusty purple gives an enticing
effect to the viewer.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thank you so much everyone for such thoughtful comments. I really didn't know how the Green Arrow cover would go over, so I am happy with the positive response.


BigG said...

Honestly, I don't like green arrow, but I DO like this. Nice job!

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