'Line' booklet SOLD OUT

Well, that's it for the 'Line' convention booklets. I am shipping the final batch of books today. Thanks again to everyone who purchased one.

I know that some international customers have been waiting a long time for their books; unfortunately, it seems the USPS international first-class shipping can take up to a month to reach certain destinations (despite the expensive shipping charge!), so please be patient.

If anyone does not receive a book, or a book arrived damaged, please let me know.

Last Call for the LINE booklets

I have 0 books remaining, so if you're thinking about picking one up, now might be the time.

Thank you very much to everyone who purchased a book already. I realize $10+shipping isn't cheap for a little book, so I am very grateful for the support. The income from the books, along with original art sales and commissions, is a big part of why I am currently able to focus on creator-owned work.