Here's another gouache-painted commission I finished a month or two ago. I decided to paint out most of the line art and allow this to be more of a painting than a colored drawing, the latter of which I seem to lean toward instinctively.

Vampirella is probably a little more cheesecake than I usually do, but Frazetta painted her, so that makes it okay. The original measured somewhere around 12" x 18", I think.


Under Ivy's Spell

Thanks to everyone who made the New York Comic Con a great show. I'm just now getting back into the swing of things at home and will be following up with everybody who has contacted me about books and commissions.

Speaking of commissions, at left is a painted commission I completed recently. Nearly all of my favorite artists worked traditionally, so I sometimes wonder why I am drawn to digital color so much in my own work. Of course, after screwing up something in gouache for the millionth time with no cmd+z to lean on, I don't wonder so much.

More soon.


New York Comic Con!

New York Comic Con is just a couple days away and I am ready to hit the road. I will be sitting in Artist Alley at table 010, so please stop by and make yourself known. Here's a map.

Here are a few details about my convention plans:

I apologize if you contacted me recently about commissions and I did not reply. I have been overwhelmed with preparing for the show and finishing a couple of paintings.

I will be taking on a very limited number of commissions at NYCC. As much as I wish I could draw something for everybody, I just haven't done well with requests over the years and don't want to grind out any more lackluster drawings. Therefore, I will be accepting commissions based on the subject matter, which helps guarantee a nice drawing and my sanity staying intact. Your best bet is to request something with more of a fantasy/sci-fi/fairytale feel. If only superheroes will do, then Marvel characters are generally the way to go because I grew up with them and might have an interest due to nostalgia. That said, I am not terribly familiar with a lot of characters, so if you love something obscure, please bring along a reference picture. I am also kind of an old-school fan and have very little interest in modern takes on comics characters. So, keep it classic and you might have better luck landing on the list. Finally, feel free to break all of the above rules if you really want a certain character. You never know what I might go for.

The price for a commission will be $300. The price reflects my desire to put my efforts into a small number of high-quality drawings rather than a lot of please-dear-lord-don't-let-me-ever-see-that-in-an-online-gallery-somewhere drawings. I will also be bringing some art supplies to add tones or rendering where appropriate.

I am very grateful for everybody's interest in my work, and while I can not take on everybody's commission requests at a show, I will be taking on more through my website in the months to come, so if you don't make it on the list, perhaps I can get to your request at a later date.

LINE, my convention book:
I had another small batch printed up just for this show, so if you missed out in San Diego, you can grab one in New York. The LINE book is $10.

Once again, I will have a selection of prints available at the show. My prints are completely archival with pigmented ink and 100% cotton rag paper. I am very pleased with the quality of these prints and will have about 6 large images to choose from, along with a couple of smaller images for those who would prefer something more compact. Prints are $15-$25.

Original art:
I will have a small selection of original covers and other drawings available for purchase. All original cover art purchases will come with a large full color print of the art as it appeared on the book.

I think that about covers it. I am really looking forward to the show. The guest list looks great and there should be tons of great art to enjoy.

Safe travels, and I'll see you at the show!