Poison Ivy

Here's a scan of another one of these color sketches, this time of Poison Ivy. Well, it really could be any red-haired nature girl, but the foliage is poison ivy, so I figure that's enough. Ivy was actually the first one I did, followed by a Scarlet Witch, and then the Red Sonja. Apparently, I like red.

Also posted is a scan of the Red Sonja, as requested in the comments. I couldn't quite capture the subtleties of the original with my scanner, which I now realize is not great at color images. I'll have to upgrade if I keep working in color. Damn.

Now that I am getting a little more comfortable with my materials, I plan on tackling some more involved subjects and more refined drawings. We'll see what happens.

I'll post the Scarlet Witch once I get a good scan.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Red Sonja

Here's a Red Sonja I did in marker and color pencil. I've done a few of these lately to experiment, have some fun, and to see color on something other than a damn screen. I really enjoy working with real materials. While I love the perfect finish of the computer and rely on it to finish my images the way I usually see them in my head, getting there can be a grind- I can't tell you how many times I have wished I could just reach up to the screen and smudge something with my finger, or splatter some paint. Instead, I have to find a phony "splatter" brush. It is emasculating.

Even if I usually prefer digital colors on my own stuff, virtually all of my favorite artists worked with actual paint, so maybe I just need to practice more to get that flawless finish with real materials. Damn computer.