2011 - Hello again!

Well, 2010 was a pitiful year for blog posts. Sorry about that. It was a challenging year for me, having spent it (and the tail end of 2009) in a studio job. Fortunately for this blog, that little adventure has come to an end and I am back to working for myself, which means more regular posts, and most importantly, a return to full time illustration.

I've done a few book covers already, but I can't show anything quite yet, so I'll have to make do with some sketches, just to get things started.

Like most sketches, these were mostly made to figure something out- either a technique or whether or not I like a new pen, but every now and then I'll come up with a good one and forget what it was I was testing. I have one of those on my desk now, which I plan to take to a finish. I've even gone so far as to do a proper color comp, which I rarely did in the past. We'll see how it all turns out.

So, for 2011 I will be doing a lot of drawing. And while not necessarily a resolution, I do hope to improve my work in 2011, especially in the areas of color harmony and composition. I want to break some bad habits and work harder in the early stages of an illustration, so that I don't have to lean too hard on Photoshop. You really can't "fix it in post", so to speak.

Finally, for any original art collectors out there, I have an auction up for a Supergirl cover. I have a few more left and will be selling them off in the coming weeks.

As always, thanks to everyone who stops by this blog. I hope you all have great things in store for 2011.