Ink sketches

Here are some of the sketches I have been doing in between trying to finish two more covers for DC and finishing off a wraparound cover for Abrams books (I'll post all three covers just as soon as they are finished and approved).

These sketches were roughed out in blue pencil and then finished off with Pigma pens. It is a lot of fun throwing some heavy blacks in there every now and then. In fact, back before I started working professionally and before I moved into a primarily fine line style, I attempted to draw with spotted blacks here and there in an attempt to find a "comic book" style, which I believed was necessary at the time. Some remnants of that early fumbling around are still apparent in my earliest published work.

Maybe someday I will take another stab at drawing a story with spotted blacks. I'd like to think I got better at it, but when monsters like Mike Mignola are out there, maybe I'd better save the ink.



Tor interview

Hello everyone,

I apologize once again for not posting more work. I'm overseas at the moment and won't return home for a few more weeks. I will post some of the sketches I have been doing while traveling as soon as I can figure out a good way to get them into the computer, not having access to a scanner at the moment. I suppose I will have to snap a few pictures and clean them up as best I can in Photoshop.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links courtesy of Irene Gallo, the art director of Tor, Forge, and Starscape books. Ms. Gallo was kind enough to interview me and post some examples of my work on the new Tor.com as well as her excellent blog. Both sites feature tons of great art, so please enjoy clicking around.


The Art Department (Irene Gallo's blog)

More soon-