Auction update

Just letting everyone know that the original drawing for the cover of All Flash has been thrown up on the auction block as well. Links to the auctions are on the right.





It is about time I clear off some shelf space, so I am setting up some original art auctions, the first of which being the cover to my Outsiders: Five of a Kind comic, featuring Metamorpho and Aquaman, and the cover to the premier issue of Majestic I drew a while back.

There will be several more auctions coming up, spanning a wide range of affordability, which I will add to the new auction links (just to the right of this page) as soon as they go up.

Thanks for looking!



It has been too long

I apologize for not posting anything in such a long time. I have been busy with some stuff that unfortunately is not ready to be seen yet, so here are some minor (and mostly old as dirt) sketches to try and hold us over for a little while. I am as sick of looking at those sandy pages below as anyone.

The first is just a girl, the second is a cowgirl (drawn on an airplane, incidentally, which might help explain why she appears to be smuggling misshapen water balloons in a hideously knotted blouse) for the program of a Calgary comicon which I was unfortunately unable to attend. I colored the sketch in Photoshop after unpacking; I can not explain the horrendous color choices. The third appears to be a tired attempt at a "cartoony" Beast of the X-Men, and I don't remember when I drew it exactly.

Well, that was worth the wait. I really will have to post something more substantial next time.

As always, thank you so very much for stopping by.