Back from abroad

I'm back and busier than ever. I'll post some specifics and sneak peeks as soon as the various projects are announced. In the meantime, here are some more sketches related to the lass I posted previously. I'll talk about what these doodles are building up to when the time is right.

Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments you have been posting. I am always so pleased to see folks visiting from all over the globe and your kind words and critiques are very much appreciated.

Next post, I will share a newly completed DC cover for one of those projects keeping me busy, as well as a new movie!

Stay tuned-



Getting busy

I'm going to be away with some work for the next week or two, so I thought I better post something before I go. It's just a little sketch, but it'll have to do.

I've had a few unexpected projects pop up recently, and I am suddenly very busy. It's all very good stuff, however, so I am quite pleased. I'm looking forward to sharing some new art as soon as I can- interior art, at that!