I'm happy to be back from Arizona. I didn't draw for myself much while I was there, opting instead to get some cover layouts done for DC.

The little bastard to the left was a last, desperate attempt to pass the time on Sunday having given up on my work. He fairly accurately reflects my mood at the time, though I don't particularly care for the drawing.

I started with the head and liked the expression, but then didn't know what to do with the rest of him. I threw on some odd, generic clothes, leaving them small and outgrown, and added a found stick for poking things, probably small animals or friends. If he is a punk, it is only because he could have been drawn better.



Arizona bound

Hey Folks,

I neglected to mention that I will be a guest at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon this weekend. As such, I am heading out for Arizona tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to post any new doodles I come up with while I am away as soon as I return. Of course, if anyone happens to be in the Phoenix area, please swing by the show and say hello!




Social Butterfly

Last week, I attempted to socialize by accepting an invitation to hang out in a bar and draw.

It is important to note that I don't go to bars and I don't care for drawing in public, but I figured I'd give it a shot to be friendly and maybe even spark some new kind of creativity.

What you see here are the forced-out drawings of a man consumed with the thought of going home, washing his hands, and joyfully eating some cereal alone.



Assemble the machine

Just a fragment. I've never taken the time to properly warm-up before tackling an image, but I have decided to make an effort, and this image is one of those warm-ups. Let's see if I can avoid injury tonight now that I am limbered up.


An orb on a wire makes me joyful

The bottom image is another excuse to try out some more dust-laden art materials, this time acrylic paint, and the top image was drawn as a reaction to having "painted" the first image. I was trying to force something with the first thing and gave up early. I learned a few things, but mostly just that I am not a painter. Anyway, I couldn't end on that note so I cleaned up the desk and started over.

There is no logic to the orb girl, which is one reason I am happy with it. I am a painfully logical person, obsessed with reason and sense, which makes creating dynamic, imaginative art very difficult at times. Writing stories about goblins and faeries can be borderline traumatic. My obsessive nature comes in handy when line drawing, however, so if I ever do manage to let my imagination go, hopefully I will be able to capture it cleanly.

That's the goal, anyway.



While attending a convention in Toronto recently, I tried to come up with some DC characters I'd enjoy drawing. Poison Ivy seemed to make sense- a female in leaves- so I did a couple of sketches, the face while seated at my booth, the figure down in the hotel lobby one evening. Neither one hits the mark, but it was a start. I'd definitely play her as more of a forest nymph than a lady in a leafy bathing suit, but it may not matter in the end because I still managed to lose interest before even finishing these sketches. I think I am simply happier drawing actual forest nymphs than shoehorning a Batman villian into the role.

Who knows, maybe someday.



Bring it!

This was an attempt to draw something with some guts, but I wasn't quite patient enough to do it right. It started as a simple blue-line pencil drawing, but as soon as it looked like something, I decided to experiment a little with some drawing tools that have been gathering dust. I love researching and buying the very best art materials I can find, thinking I will someday find the discipline and patience to sit down and finish a proper piece of art with all of my awesome new tools, but in the end my awesome new tools are usually ornamental.

I learned to color on the computer and am spoiled by the endless experimentation it allows. Further, I am quite obsessive and very much enjoy the clinical perfection coloring on a machine provides. Most of the time I don't want to see the process I utilized in the finished piece, and hand coloring makes that very difficult. Then again, I am not very good at hand coloring, so that could be the problem. I suppose I need to keep dusting off my awesome implements and practice more often. But I won't be unplugging the machine any time soon.

Anyway, this one is all over the place drawing-wise, but it captured enough of the emotion I was after that I am now able to go to bed.



Another Alice with a side of Bugs

While I am at it, here is another Alice, this time closer to her Disney incarnation, along with some rabbits. Because I had bunnies on the brain, Bugs bounced in there.



A is for Alice

So I am testing the waters with an online journal. I have come across so many wonderful artists sharing their work and their thoughts in this way, that I have decided to jump in myself with the hope that some folks will enjoy whatever it is I bring to the table, and also to motivate myself to create and share more personal work by giving it an immediate forum.

For those of you already familiar with my work in comics and illustration, this might be a place to see work that isn't necessarily destined for publication elsewhere; a peek behind the curtain through sketches and scribbles, or maybe the occasional stroll through the dark recesses of my portfolios, where plenty of unseen art resides, just waiting to embarass me. It might also be a way for me to work out ideas simply be throwing them out there to see how it feels.

For example, this little Alice sketch was drawn one day as an escape from my professional responsibilities, and I am certain I enjoyed drawing her simple figure more than the sum total of whatever project I was working on at the time. That tells me a big change is long overdue, and I intend to make it. This blog then might serve as a record of my progress as I attempt to improve as an illustrator and create work closer to my heart. Whatever this turns out to be, I will continue to be inspired by the many artists sharing their craft with me, and I'll do my best to make this place worthwhile.

Thanks for stopping by.