This is the cover for STARBORN, the last book in The Flaxfield Quartet by Toby Forward, the first three being DRAGONBORN, FIREBORN, and DOUBLEBORN.

This one was something of a challenge in that, once again, I had to keep it in line with the previous covers stylistically, the first of which I illustrated four years ago. The rendered style I unwittingly set for this series was never really my forte, but I had to give it one more go for consistency's sake. Nowadays, I am spending most of my time working with largely flat color in order to preserve as much of my line work as possible, and this cover is basically the polar opposite of that approach.

There was almost no drawing involved. It was painted directly in Photoshop using only a few layers to isolate the characters in order to force myself not to fiddle too much with anything. The publisher wanted more and more color and magical effects as I went along, which is how I wound up with the swirly saturated palette.

So that's that.