Wondercon 2013 pre-show commission requests

Well, it's that time again, folks...Wondercon 2013 in Anaheim, CA, March 29-31! I will be setting up shop in Artist Alley at table AA-117. With the show only a couple weeks away, I am busy making the usual preparations- sorting through my original art, putting the portfolios together, making new prints, and so forth- but I still have a little time for some pre-show commissions for anybody planning to attend and pick up their art in-person.

Here is this year's deal:

1. If you would like a commission, simply hit that 'Contact' tab up top and send me your request. Be sure to include 'Wondercon 2013 Commission Request' in the subject line. Feel free to request anything you want, but please limit your request to a single character. I am open to any and all requests, so be creative. It definitely doesn't have to be a well-known superhero, but of course that's fine if it is. A request for a "cool elf warrior" or "beautiful girl with red hair" or "Morticia from the Addams Family" is fine, too. (Yeah, I know you're gonna ask for Jean Grey). Oh, and feel free to give me a few options to choose from.

2. I'm going to look through the requests as they come in and pick the ones I feel I can do the best job on. I will then contact you to confirm that I have accepted your commission. If you do not receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours of when I received your request, that unfortunately means I will not be taking on your commission. I will post a note on the blog when the window for requests closes.

3. The commissions will be very similar to the ones I did last year, like this Poison Ivy or Delirium. They will measure at least 9"x12" and will be done with all archival materials as usual. I may decide to mix it up and use toned paper or something if the subject seems to warrant it.

4. All commissions cost $500, payable when you pick up your art at the show (if you would rather pay up front, please let me know when you make your request and we will sort it out). I realize these commissions are not inexpensive, but since I am drawing them in my home studio, I assure you I will be doing my best to deliver more bang-for-the-buck. That said, please feel free to tell other show attendees that I completed your commission in a mere 20 minutes at my table while talking and drinking a Coke.

5. The usual legal disclaimer: I retain all reproduction rights for the commissioned artwork. The sale price grants the right of ownership of the original art only.

As always, I very much appreciate any interest in my work, and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to take on private commissions like these. Thanks.

I think that about does it. Let's see some requests!

And just to get some art in this post, here's a sketch of a girl with red hair.


Andr-X said...

Very beautiful!

Chris said...

Man, I would love to add some of your work to my expanding collection of original illustrations. Wish I didn't live all the way across the country!

Jon Henry said...

What medium do you tend to use for commissions? What medium was use for this sketch? It's exquisite. Hope to meet you at the con.

Jon Henry said...

Silly question answer's in your blog...

Abira Das said...

I absolutely love your art!
I so wish you would have a tutorial of your own.. :)

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