Silk Spectre Thumbs

I have tons and tons of thumbnails for many of the covers I have done over the years. They almost always start as very small (2 or 3 inches tall) sketches in my sketchbook or on loose bond paper. I often scan them and add some color in Photoshop to help sell the concept, but sometimes I just send in sketchy pencils, as in these thumbs for the Silk Spectre cover I did recently.

This collection of 8 poses is what I sent to DC to pick from, and we wound up with number 7 as the first choice, with 8 as an alternate if I preferred. I stuck with 7 and turned in the finished cover a few days later.


Enrique Fernandez' BRIGADA

Whew, I'm back from SDCC 2012! That was something. I will have a proper follow-up soon, but first, I want to draw your attention to a project I think may be worthy of your support: BRIGADA by Enrique Fernandez.

I've never featured another artist on this blog before, but I've been a fan of Enrique's work for several years now. His work is always stylish, with his mastery of Corel Painter and his fearless drawing, and I would love to see his own project succeed.

Enrique has produced numerous books for European publishers over the years, and his Wizard of Oz was adapted into English and published by Image Comics in the US a few years back, but I believe BRIGADA is his first creator-owned project, and he is turning to crowd-funding to see if he can do it all on his own. Enrique is a pro and will deliver the goods if he gets his funding, so please check out the BRIGADA project page (and Enrique's blog for lots more awesome work) and make a pledge if you like what you see.

I wasn't familiar with Verkami, the funding website, but it appears to be the European equivalent of Kickstarter and the pledging process was very easy. Enrique is offering all sorts of cool rewards for your support, so hopefully something will catch your fancy.


San Diego Comic Con 2012 begins!

Man, have I been busy. I am ready to head down to the big show with original art, prints, and even a little book of line art I put together just for the show. It's 32 pages of my cleanest line art without all of that obnoxious color. The cover is pictured at left.

For those of you who have contacted me about commissions, both for SDCC and otherwise, I am sorry for not getting back to you yet. I have just been too swamped. The good news is I will be doing a few commissions at the convention (please stop by my table for details and to sign up) and after I return from San Diego, I will be getting back to everyone and taking on some more commissions at home.

See you in Artist Alley, table DD-16. Here we go!