SDCC update

San Diego Comic Con is a mere 2 weeks away! I will be sitting at a nice corner table in the middle of Artist Alley with a fancy new banner, original art, and prints. I might even do some drawing. My table is DD-16. Here is a map of the show floor to help you find me.


Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre

Now that it has been made public on the DC Comics blog, I figured I would share my cover for Silk Spectre issue 2, part of DC Comics' Before Watchmen line.

As usual, this was drawn in pencil and colored in Photoshop.


Sword of Sorcery

DC Comics has announced several new series to relaunch a bunch of characters. One of those series is SWORD OF SORCERY, a fantasy book featuring a re-imagined Amethyst, a DC character not seen much since the '80s.

All of the new series incorporate the same cover theme: the main character bursting out of a page from their old comic. DC already had a new design for Amethyst, so I just drew the figure on a white background like you see here, and they placed it on their background for the final cover. You can check out the final version and an interview with the book's creators here.

I drew this in pencil and colored it in Photoshop. I struggled with the fairly complex shapes and varied surfaces of the new design at first, and especially with trying to find the right shades of purple and gold. The end result is a little more polished than my usual approach, but the armor and gemstones seemed to lead it that direction. The amethysts studding her costume wound up being my favorite part.