LINE book shipping update and returns

I just got back from the post office where I shipped the latest batch of LINE books. If you ordered a book any time before today, your book has been shipped.

The post office has been very inconsistent on the required paperwork for the international orders, sometimes requiring me to fill out customs forms, sometimes not. If anybody outside the USA has already received their book (and in one piece!), please let me know.

Speaking of which, if anybody receives a damaged book, contact me through the website and I will work out a replacement. I tried to keep the packaging minimal to help keep shipping costs down, especially for international orders, but I am sure some of those packages are going to see some abuse.

 Okay, more art in the next post!


rbloom said...

arrived in great condition in NZ on Wednesday.
(sorry to clutter the comments)

KevinHarden said...

arrived in Anchorage, Alaska last weekend!!
Thanks Josh.......

Joshua Middleton said...

Great, thanks for the updates. I feel better knowing that the books are arriving.

Rbloom- I really hope to visit your beautiful country one day soon. And keep up the good work at Weta!

Kevin- Great to hear from you, and thanks so much for picking up my little book. I hope life is treating you well and you're keeping those needles sharp! How long have you been up north?

Unknown said...

Michael Nolen here, love the Line Book mate! Thanx.

perra madre de la verga said...

Got mine a couple of days ago, Guadalajara Mexico. Such a gorgeus book, great art!

Esdras said...

Brazil countryside here. Mine arrived yesterday, in perfect condition... oh, wait... what is that?? OMFG, it's signed!!! I'll keep even the envelope!! Thank you so much -- looking for the next one!!!

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