Here is another one of these sketchbook drawings with a little digital color. She looks like she has a bit of an attitude. Maybe she is annoyed by those giant earrings.

I am being mindful to not over-render my stuff nowadays, and working on these little sketches helps me to develop that mindset. Over the years, I occasionally got carried away with rendering in Photoshop. Sometimes the piece called for it, but more often than not when I was going nuts with the bells and whistles, it was because the drawing was weak and I was attempting to obscure that fact with a bunch of digital crap on it. I wasn't always consciously aware of what I was doing at the time, but in any case, it works about as well as B.O. and cologne.

Speaking of horrible odors, I am finalizing my plans to attend WONDERCON in Anaheim March 16-18. It looks like I will actually be manning a table in Artist Alley, something I haven't done in a very long time. I am starting my preparations now, so I should have some decent goodies on offer, including some prints and original art. We'll see about those damn con sketches...


BluePrint said...

Ahfreakinmazing. Very cool.

stuff99 said...

No love for Emerald City Con this year? :(

Was hopping to see you again.


Ezra Lau said...

she's so elegant! i do wonder if she's double jointed in the neck area, cuz that head has got a funky angle compared to her body. thanks for sharing!

devilmonkey said...

Dude, loving your new sketches. Particular fan of the ''less is more'' approach; I'm coming round to that myself at the minute!

Keep 'em coming, sir!

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